This GPT-4-Powered Video Creator Generates Explainers & Animation Instantly

Jul 27, 2023

With AI Video Suite by Eric Holmlund, you don’t have to waste your money on expensive video editing programs – you can let GPT-4 help with your content creation and create videos in a snap!

Video editing can be hugely time-consuming, and if you want to retain attention or actually drive sales, it can be a full-time job. But thankfully, with AI Video Suite, everything is made a whole lot easier!

MunchEye recommends it for its all-in-one interface and easy-to-use tools, which help you to supercharge your content output for social channels!

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The software provides a cost-effective alternative to the well-established but expensive video programs available on the market today. Compared to Premiere Pro or Camtasia, the creators cite savings of up to 82%.

For many beginner content creators, time-consuming editing tools pose a significant barrier to entering the world of video. Manual editing requires technical expertise and extensive trial and error to produce polished videos. AI Video Suite eliminates these pain points by handling the entire video creation process from start to finish.

You simply provide a script, select a style, and let AI generate the complete video!

Powered by GPT-4, the software generates professional-level videos in an array of formats. For instance, it can create whiteboard animation videos, which are used to clearly explain concepts or products in an engaging, visual style. The AI handles converting text to speech, generating relevant visuals, and syncing everything seamlessly.

With video being consumed at unprecedented rates across social media and elsewhere online, high-quality video content is important for you to incorporate into your marketing efforts. Studies show that video in emails drives clickthrough rates up by 65% compared to plain text. On landing pages, video can lift conversion rates by up to 80%.

In addition to AI-generated video content, the software can be used to create professional-sounding and human-like voiceovers. This makes it suitable for coaches, educators, and entrepreneurs in any space wanting to leverage social platforms for audience growth.

A spokesperson states: "This is the product you've been crying out for. It's a first-to-market solution allowing you to create engagement-boosting GPT-4 powered whiteboard videos, vertical, and horizontal videos - or even build an agency in just a few seconds."

Are you looking for a tool to help you level up your video content game? Give AI Video Suite a try today!

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