This Energy-As-A-Service Consultant Offers Cost-Saving Plans To Supermarkets

Aug 9, 2023

Onsite Utility Services LLC (+1 844-768-7227) offers comprehensive energy audits and advanced power management solutions for grocery stores looking to lower their operational costs.

Looking for an affordable way to cut energy costs for your grocery shop?

If you’ve looked into energy-saving systems before, you probably know they require quite an upfront investment, leading many store managers to shy away. But with Onsite Utility Services’ accessible power optimizing program, this is no longer a problem!

This energy solution provider is at the forefront of providing America with Energy-Saving-as-a Service and has a program tailored for grocery stores. Their solutions include advanced energy audits, efficiency programs, and building management systems (BMS) designed to suit the unique needs of supermarkets.

Learn more about how you can lower your grocery store’s energy needs here:

As energy prices continue to soar, businesses need new and accessible solutions to stay profitable. Supermarkets and grocery stores, in particular, are massive consumers of power. They face the energy costs associated with lighting, heating, and cooling, as well as the substantial costs of refrigeration, which account for nearly 40% of a store’s total energy consumption.

Onsite Utility Services’ program addresses these concerns and integrates energy audits, power optimization, and an automated BMS to reduce energy usage. This ensures improved working conditions and customer comfort but also aids in power usage monitoring.

A standout feature of this program is the BMS, which leverages advanced technology, using sensors and complex computer programs to optimize energy consumption. Shop owners can benefit from innovative features like occupancy sensors, peak usage monitoring, and centralized management, enabling them to identify usage trends and act accordingly.

Onsite Utility Services also highlights a common inefficiency concerning voltage usage. Most US appliances only require 460 volts, yet energy providers often supply and charge for 493 volts. This discrepancy can inflate energy bills by approximately 20%. Through their power optimization program, Onsite Utility Services typically reduces these costs by 5-15% and extends the lifespan of voltage-sensitive equipment, including HVAC systems, pumps, and exhaust fans.

Onsite Utility Services was founded in 1993 by Fritz Kreiss, a certified energy procurement specialist with the Association of Energy Engineers.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Finding the right energy efficiency solutions is often either too confusing or outside your budget. Onsite Utility Services Capital removes both of those barriers, making it possible for grocery store owners to achieve their financial and environmental goals through improved, profitable, and affordable energy efficiency programs.”

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