This Drug And Alcohol Addiction Center Uses A Holistic Approach To Recovery

Jun 24, 2021

Are you struggling with substance abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, or other related issues? The professionals at Utah Addiction Centers tailor their holistic treatment plans to meet your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

Get personalized holistic care for your addiction or mental illness at Utah Addiction Centers.

The residential treatment center has launched a range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health, addiction, substance abuse, and other related issues.

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With the launch of their services for mental illness, Utah Addiction Centers is offering emotional, physical, and spiritual healing if you are in need of holistic treatment for recovery from a wide scope of conditions.

The sensitivity of issues relating to mental health, addiction, and substance abuse requires the careful attention of seasoned professionals who have earned the experience and training to effectively provide effective healthcare delivery for those of us who need it.

With a mantra of "Mental Health Comes First", the center offers a broad range of services for diagnosing mental health. They utilize the traditional 12-step model, psychotherapy, and medical services to ensure lasting positive results in recovery from mental health, addiction, substance abuse, and other related issues.

If you're undergoing treatment at the center, you can expect to be taken through progressive stages of care categorized into primary care, extended care, and aftercare.

The primary care stage consists of an initial 30 days in treatment. This is followed by the extended care stage, consisting of a series of activities that focus on your deep-seated psychological concerns. The final stage, aftercare, consists of a recommended 12 months of outpatient activities with the goal of attaining a full recovery.

Other services offered by Utah Addiction Centers include family therapy, gene therapy, first responder trauma care, and detox amongst a variety of other treatments. You can find out more at

A representative said "At half the cost of most private facilities and treatment centers, the Utah Addiction Centers’ multi-disorder treatment provides quality personalized outpatient and residential treatment. We have graduated over 2,500 people in our 9 years of operation. Our staff has more than 60 years of professional experience."

The team at Utah Addiction Centers is dedicated to helping you get back on the road to recovery -- call (801) 766-2233 to get started today!

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