This Data-Driven Chicago Digital Agency Drives Sales For Entrepreneurs In Dental

Jan 4, 2023

Behind the Work, a modern, full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Chicago and San Diego (312-477-3600), has published a white paper that explains how they grew new business for an e-comm retailer of custom-made dental appliances by over 630%. And that’s not all!

This Data-Driven Chicago Digital Agency Drives Sales For Entrepreneurs In Dental

When you're a retailer operating in the e-comm sector, the competition is fierce. Add to that pervasive misconceptions about aspects of your product and stagnating sales in the sector as a whole, and you have a digital marketing challenge that sounds Sisyphean.

And it would be, unless you're a strategist at digital agency Behind the Work.

Looking for effective marketing plans and ad campaigns that will differentiate your business, educate your target audience, and explode your sales targets? Then partner with the agency where the name says it all.

In a recent white paper, Behind the Work explains how they helped an entrepreneur in the dental sector - one of the most competitive spaces in the world of marketing - grow new business by over 630%, increase their top three keyword rankings by a mind-blowing 1650% and yield a 430% yield on ad spend. That's like spending a thousand dollars on a digital campaign and getting $4,000 back. There aren't many investments that deliver this kind of payoff.

See how they did it, at

Statistics indicate retail sales in the e-comm sector grew by 50% during the pandemic and have fallen by 11% since. Despite this trend, the sales and marketing teams at Behind the Work helped a direct-to-customer client, Dental Lab Direct, crush their online sales while reaching and converting new customer segments and establishing a serious online presence.

And when the digital space is where your target customers live, this is where being the most popular really comes in handy.

Behind the Work makes that happen.

The keys to this level of success, says the team, lie in effective research, accurate data, and precise goal setting.

To reach the goals and objectives established in their white paper, the team determined that a robust e-comm operation enhanced by a lucrative lead generation pipeline and an effective content strategy would be needed. And so they got to work building all of that and by gum, success soon followed!

Behind the Work says that during their discovery phase they experimented with some A/B testing that led to new digital marketing opportunities in social media. A creative combination of channels designed to engage and inform new audiences led to significantly increased awareness and sales of their client's lesser-known products while growing demand for already popular products. These tactics together with a refined SEO/paid digital campaign and custom inbound strategies resulted in extraordinary outcomes for a client that custom tailors dental products.

Behind the Work specializes in data-driven strategies that help you increase leads and multiply in-market conversions. They've worked with companies and organizations in the B2B, Education, SaaS/Technology, Health, Manufacturing and E-comm sectors, helping them cultivate new and existing customer segments, grow their reach and awareness, and most importantly, improve profits.

Joe Bazzi, client and founder of Dental Lab Direct says, “Being able to consistently speak with one or two people from the Behind the Work team was great. If you want a dedicated team that will treat you like you’re their number one priority then Behind the Work is the agency for you.”

Behind the Work says opportunities will always emerge throughout the life cycle of your marketing campaign, as will hiccups. They say that seizing advantages, leveraging successes, and problem-solving proactively create a formula that’s about as fail-safe as marketing can get.

When it comes to today's complex commercial environment, you need a team that will take the time to understand your market, your products and services, and your target consumers' sentiments to create a digital marketing plan that executes at all levels.

Find out what it's like to work with a team like that!

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