This Company Gives Elderly In Cherry Hill NJ Access To Affordable Life Insurance

May 11, 2021

If you’re a senior, you can now go online and get quotes on whole life insurance with a cash value and death benefits to cover your final expenses. Get a $20,000 policy with no medical exam, just answer a few health questions!

Are you a senior in Cherry Hill, New Jersey that’s concerned about final expenses and the exorbitant cost of funerals?

The LoveLife Group is ready to help you pay burial costs and final expenses with an affordable life insurance policy.

The LoveLife Group has launched an updated life insurance quoting service for seniors in Cherry Hill and the rest of Camden County in New Jersey. Interested seniors can now get quotes on a range of whole life insurance policies from the safety and privacy of their homes.

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The service was launched to fill the need for financial help as seniors and their survivors face funeral and other final expenses. The quoting service is available through the LoveLife Group’s updated website, where a simple online form has been added to facilitate access to coverage quotes. 

To get quotes on various policies, you only need to fill out the short form and submit it online. A licensed agent will get in touch with you shortly to gather more detailed personal information, as well as to learn about your needs and preferences. The agent will then provide you with quotes and information on the best possible policies based on your circumstances.

Policy options feature various premiums levels, death benefits, and payment schedules. Additionally, you will learn about the policies’ tax-deferred cash value feature and the potential ways it can be utilized. 

The cash value portion serves as a living benefit for the policyholder, who may access the funds as a loan to be repaid with interest. As the policyholder, you may also withdraw funds from the policy up to the total amount of premium you have paid. Upon your passing, any withdrawals will be applied against the cash value of the policy, but will not affect the policy’s death benefits. 

Many of the policies offered include regular dividend payments that you can also enjoy as living benefits. 

With the help of trained agents, the LoveLife Group’s updated quoting service makes it easier for you to narrow down your options only to the most beneficial policies. This saves you time and frustration in choosing the right plan, while making sure you fully understand your options. 

A company spokesman said, “The quoting system presents policies that do not require long waiting periods. Medical exams are not required. Seniors only need to answer a few health questions.” 

The launch of this online quoting service gives seniors a solid source of insurance information in their homes’ privacy and safety.

Go to the website today and see how easy and affordable it can be to have peace of mind about your final expenses.

Get yourself covered with up to $20,000 of whole life insurance without any health exam today. Just answer a few health questions.

For more information see the above URL.

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