This Canary Wharf Commercial Removal Company Relocates With Minimal Downtime

Aug 12, 2021

Moving a business in or out of Canary Wharf or to any other new location involves many moving parts, which makes the whole affair stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Tell Right Removals (020 3507-0305) where you’re relocating and they’ll take care of the rest.

Are you planning to move your business to or from Canary Wharf but are worried about the cost of downtime to your bottom line? One London company has made it its business to keep these operational interruptions almost unnoticeable. 

Right Removals, a relocation and removal services provider in London, has updated its offerings with services for business owners who want to move their equipment in or out of East London.

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The new update offers you a means to relocate your commercial assets safely and securely to your intended destinations with minimum downtime. This is made possible through the expertise of a team of professionals with many years of experience in serving London enterprises of all sizes.

Right Removals differs in that it employs an in-house crew, whose members are vetted and trained by the company itself. This is essential, as other providers outsource this crucial task to another crew, who may not have the proper handling skills.

The company’s team members are trained to handle delicate items, such as paintings and sculptures. They are also experienced in moving different types of equipment like computers, copiers, desks, filing cabinets, and more.

As your needs are unique, the company said it adopts a “can do” approach, taking no shortcuts and ensuring that each of your possessions is moved to its new location without issue.

The company also provides residential removals for individuals and families looking to move in or out of a house, flat, or apartment. In addition to expert handling by its experienced crew, Right Removals offers you a premium packing service, which is invaluable when transporting fragile items of high value.

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Right Removals was founded in 1991 with the goal of providing London residents with a comprehensive suite of relocation services. It has achieved that vision with offerings for a diverse roster of clientele, including homeowners, private enterprises, and government entities.

On Google, the company is rated highly, with many remarking on the efficiency and professionalism of its staff. “I found the service friendly, efficient, and on time! It’s the second time I’ve used the service and won’t hesitate to do so on my next move,” one reviewer said. “We had a fantastic moving experience. They were really friendly, knew what they were doing and did it well,” another wrote.

Go with East London’s most trusted removal services provider. Ask for your free quote today!

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