This Book Offers Ethical Frameworks For Decision-Making In Developing Technology

Aug 4, 2023

Dr. Steven A. Wright’s groundbreaking book on the intersection of ethics and technology is now available. Grab it on Kindle, hardcover, or paperback format on Amazon.

2023’s Oppenheimer made headlines not just because of a stellar cast, but also because of a subject matter that mirrors the state of where the world is right now in terms of the ethical issues involving emerging technology.

These concerns have been the preoccupation of Dr. Steven A. Wright—engineer, lawyer, and inventor—who has recently published his debut work, ‘Ethics, Law and Technology Adoption: Navigating Technology Adoption Challenges’, now available on Amazon.

Unlike Oppenheimer, the work is not for the casual reader but for those who want to deep dive into the legal and ethical implications of new technology, particularly entrepreneurs, lawyers, and scientists seeking a lodestar that can help them navigate these unprecedented challenges.

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The book is primarily designed to give readers ethical frameworks—a set of principles and values—that can guide their decision-making regarding the development of technology in fields such as biotech, AI, blockchain, fintech, cybersecurity, and more.

According to Dr. Wright, his work is particularly relevant in 2023 amid the emergence of ethical issues involving generative AI, in particular, the concerns about copyright infringement when training AI models.

In addition, he said that it can inform those involved in the development of controversial technology that can be used to infringe on human rights, such as mass surveillance systems, and emerging technology like autonomous cars, whose ability to make moral decisions on the road could become a subject of intense scrutiny by legislators.

“Whether you are a technologist, a business executive, or a lawyer, you need to understand the ethical and legal implications of your work,” he said. “This book will help you develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in relation to ethics, law, and technology. In doing so, this will prepare you for responsible and ethical technology innovation.”

In addition to frameworks, the book also contains chapters on contracts and agreements, which will be invaluable to anyone who wants to understand the role of various stakeholders in the formation of legal documents pertaining to new technology.

Real-world examples of organizations and individuals that have dealt with ethical issues in recent years owing to their creations are also included. And for those whose organizations are already involved in an ethics issue because of an invention, Dr. Wright shares strategies that they can use in handling disputes or litigations.

Dr. Wright is a computer engineer, lawyer, and inventor, with over 50 patents to his name. A passionate speaker on subjects pertaining to the intersection of technology, he has keynoted international conferences and given lectures at prestigious institutions such as the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Maryland.

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