This Bill Negotiation Service Minimizes Your University’s Fixed Overhead Costs

Apr 3, 2024

Take control of your university’s utility and telecommunications expenses without interrupting services through cost-cutting service Recession Resister, here to help you minimize your institution’s overhead spend.

While the mission at your university is to provide stellar instruction, a significant portion of your institution's expenses are not going to professorial salaries but instead to inflated utility costs, inefficient energy consumption, and good ol' human error.

Recession Resister can fix this.

Recession Resister is a targeted expense reduction platform that investigates areas of service provider overcharges to have mistakes retroactively refunded and inflated utility rates minimized. They look into all of it, so you don't have to. Curious to know where your university is overspending? Try Recession Resister for free, at


Today’s universities are facing a litany of financial challenges, most especially in operational costs. Recession Resister offers a comprehensive range of expense-reducing strategies that can save you a substantial amount in wasteful spending.

If you've been doing all that you can to rein in soaring overhead costs, perhaps the culprits can be found in:

  • billing mistakes,
  • energy inefficiencies, and
  • increasing utility rates in a deregulated market.

A spokesperson for Recession Resister explains:

“Most universities don’t know they’re overpaying for operational costs. Invoices can contain hidden fees, old charges, ‘gotcha’ fees, and increases in rates that were not discussed. As a university administrator, your time is valuable. You can’t be expected to look into every single invoice dating back years. That’s our job. We identify all overblown rates, invoicing mistakes, and energy inefficiencies and have it all corrected, providing you with substantial savings going forward.”


Recession Resistor offers targeted expense savings solutions that include:

  • utility rate renegotiations,
  • auto-switching services that partner your institution with a more cost-efficient provider, and
  • extensive auditing of utility, water/sewer, waste management, and telecommunications bills to identify invoicing mistakes leading to continued overpayment.

Recession Resister can have all these overages refunded to you, and egregious billing amounts corrected for long-term savings.

And here's more good news: Other than submitting your monthly invoices to Recession Resister, you won't have to lift a finger to enjoy the savings. Hit them up now with your utility and telecommunications bills dating as far back as you'd like, and don't forget your satellite, waste management, and security invoices.

When billing mistakes are identified, or inflated provider rates detected, Recession Resister’s team of negotiators will contact your providers to have these errors reversed and refunded, and your rates brought down to the market default amount.


Recession Resister's energy efficiency program reduces HVAC, and walk-in/reach-in cooler and freezer consumption, which can save your university between 10% to a staggering 80% in energy costs, while also reducing your CO2 emissions.

And let's not forget who the champ is that initiated all these savings. That would be you. (It's at this point you can call a departmental meeting to present all that you've uncovered and revel in some well-deserved celebration for your work.)

Pro Tip: Recession Resister will not charge you an upfront fee. Instead, you pay 50% of what they save you.

Ready to get your bill negotiations underway? Start minimizing your university's overhead costs by commencing the audit. Learn more, save more, at

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