This Awesome Pedometer Helps You Track Your Steps And Walk To Better Fitness!

Jul 14, 2021

Mystadora presents a handy device to accompany you on the path to greater fitness! Don’t linger on the roads not taken – take them with the Timex Ironman pedometer!

Take control with an active lifestyle - track your steps and energy output with this brilliant new pedometer! With free shipping around the US, Mystadora has the fitness gadget you’ve been looking for! 

The Austin, Texas-based online retailer has added a newly launched Timex Ironman pedometer to its extensive collection of available products. The exercise device is perfect for staying active, helping you to track your progress day in and day out!

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The lightweight pedometer allows you to measure your athletic performance or daily walks by computing your steps, the distance you’ve traveled, and the calories you’ve burned.

Research suggests that you can incentivize greater athletic improvement by tracking your progress on a day-to-day basis. Presenting yourself with a tangible record of your exercise can help you feel increasingly motivated in your efforts to meet your goals and surpass your previous limitations. As such, the new pedometer is released as an ideal fitness accessory. 

The device is designed to track the number of steps you take as you walk, detecting the swinging motion of your strides. Its spring-loaded clip further enables you to easily attach the pedometer to your belt for optimal performance and accuracy. 

Studies show that a target of 10,000 steps per day is a suitable mark for adults to aim for, in accordance with an active, healthy lifestyle. The new Timex Ironman pedometer helps you to pursue this goal every day, with the added benefit of accurately measuring the distance you’ve walked and the number of calories you’ve burned through your exercise. 

In addition, the pedometer’s stylish flip-top case ensures that the device can be amply protected, no matter how long you use it. You can measure distance in miles or kilometers as per your preference via an easily readable display. All satisfaction, no confusion! 

With the latest announcement, Mystadora continues to provide you with gadgets and accessories for the home as well as outdoor activities throughout the nation. The newly available pedometer comes with an extra battery to ensure that it can serve you well for more steps than you can count! 

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