This 100% Natural Oxygen Spray Offers Soothing Relief For Sinusitis & Allergies

Jan 17, 2023

Do you suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis, or any of those respiratory conditions that leave you with a nasty and stuffy nose? Visit IamOxygen’s website to get Defender Nasal Hygiene Spray for fast-acting and long-lasting relief for nasal congestion! the Natural way!

Constantly dealing with obstructed airways can be frustrating. Luckily, you don’t have to put up with them for much longer.

IamOxygen's nasal spray is an organically sourced solution that is specifically designed to moisturize your nasal passages, cleanse and soothe those awful allergies that never seem to go away.

With flu season approaching its peak, IamOxygen's Defender Nasal Hygiene Spray provides you with a natural supplement to minimize adhesion of foreign bodies usually experienced with upper respiratory conditions.

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 16 million US citizens were diagnosed with chronic respiratory allergies in 2021, with over 87.5% of patients exhibiting symptoms of allergic rhinitis. The report lists environmental pollutants, bacteria, and exposure to allergens as the main factors contributing to rhinitis.

IamOxygen's Defender Nasal Hygiene Therapy provides you with soothing relief for nasal congestion and symptoms of allergic rhinitis by cleansing, moistening, and easing inflammation in the nasal cavities.

The spray is infused with dissolved stabilized bioavailable oxygen, which acts as an immunity booster by neutralizing environmental pollutants and curbing bacteria's growth. Each bottle can deliver up to 500 sprays at a recommended daily dosage of two sprays a day.

Apart from bioavailable oxygen, the nasal spray contains organic ingredients such as zinc, sodium chloride, and distilled water. This makes it a pure, non-addictive solution that is safe for all ages, with beneficial effects. Defender spray is balanced to the pH of the blood stream, which is approx. 7.2 (this is definitely a first for stabilized oxygen products) so it can be used undiluted directly on skin or mucus membranes

IamOxygen offers other products like Rejuvenator skin sprays and Infusion body renewal solutions which also use bio available stabilized oxygen to detoxify and boost skins natural collagen production. IamOxygen is a natural anti-microbial preservative and oxygen enhancement that promotes overall skin health and a more healthy skin metabolism. IamOxygen is a natural, non-toxic oxygen supplement that can provide oxygen to enhance skin and mucous membrane health.

About IamOxygen

IamOxygen is the company behind several cruelty-free oxygen supplements, including skin care products, nasal sprays, and immunity boosters. The company is committed to enabling as many consumers around the globe as possible to benefit from the power of bio oxidative supplement support.

A satisfied customer said, "I was a respiratory therapist for 22 years and I’m aware of the insidious way viruses and bacteria infect the airways. IAMOXYGEN’s Defender Nasal Hygiene Therapy kept me healthy throughout an extended trip to Europe. Now I will always have it in my healthcare routine as a safe and effective tool to stay protected from illness."

It’s time to get rid of that stuffy nose, and welcome soothed nasal passages and clearer airways. Get your Defender Nasal Hygiene Spray supply today! Don't leave home without it!

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