Here Are 10 Things That Happen To Girls After A Breakup. They’re Really Crazy!


Breakup is a part of life and different people take it differently. Though it is very obvious that everyone cries, girls cannot be generalized that way. They do various things, and cry. These are a few of them:

1. Try to get back and cry

She knows that the relationship is over but still tries to get the guy back, just like the burnt stain on a milk cooker. It just refuses to let go you know. Call up, get disappointed, and cry.



2. Scare friends with their hysterical outbursts and cry

It is ALWAYS the best friend who takes the pain. There are times when girls go hysteric, throw random stuff on friends, and end up breaking their heads. Later, they regret and cry.



3. Tell tales and cry

“I still remember the day when my Babu did this…” The number of such stories is higher than the number of Bollywood news in Deccan Chronicle. Why? Why think about it? Why relive the moments? Why cry?



4. Look at gifts and cry

If those teddy bears that their boyfriends gifted them had life, they would give girls a heavy competition in filling up buckets of tears. Message bottles, old texts, pretty wrist watches are also good tear-triggers.



5. Ditch food and cry

It is still debated over if loss of appetite causes depression or vice versa. However, girls ‘bring’ or show sadness by skipping meals. If you are a good friend of her, you make her eat food. If you are her bestie, you eat her food also.



6. Look at happy people and cry

She sees a happy couple and replaces their image with that of herself and her ex. And this happens instantaneously! You can’t imagine the speed at which their Lacrimal gland (It’s nothing but tear gland. I’m trying to show off my knowledge in anatomy) works.



7. Listen to sad songs and cry

Saavn, Gaana and Wynk have a special playlist for these people called ‘Breakup mash up’. Whenever they feel like crying, or need an emotion enhancer, they turn such music on.



8. Go against all guys

A breakup can make a woman turn to misandry. The hatred would work so fiercely that she would punch on face of any man who slightly flirts with her. She has had enough anyway. It is this case with women that, they hurt others, then sit and cry.



9. Stalk a look-alike and cry

Girls are so good at finding similarities. There are even cases where a girl follows a guy just because he has a watch which her ex used to wear. These look-alikes do kindle memories, bring’em up to surface and set out to wet her face with salty water droplets.



10. Look back at their relationship and SMILE.

Once a girl is OVER that guy, once she is done with shedding all the tears (temporary shortage only, do not mistake), she looks back at her life and feels good about whatever has happened. Love hurts but it also makes you strong. Life has to go on.


After all, a breakup gives you the ‘experienced’ tag!

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