These Small Business Marketing Experts Teach Entrepreneurs How To Succeed Online

Aug 19, 2021

PageDomination is joining the Crucial Constructs educational platform to provide entrepreneurs with small business marketing strategies they can rely on.

If you're a business owner trying to crack the internet to drive more customers and increase sales, you know it's a whole other realm. To help demystify the data for you, and create plans that actually work, the team at PageDomination has brought their guidance to the Crucial Constructs educational platform.

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Done correctly, digital marketing can be the key to your success. The talent behind PageDomination, Kendall and Michael, are experts in online marketing for small business owners. Now part of the Crucial Constructs portfolio of instructional services, Page Domination offers free strategy audits that identify any of your underperforming marketing activities to help you tighten your plans and realize more successful outcomes.

Specialists in video marketing, social media marketing, and local and national SEO strategies for the small business segment, Page Domination helps you leverage the power of the internet by creating customized, cost-effective digital marketing plans.

The team will begin their consultation with you by exploring your goals, your target audiences, your competition, and your unique sales proposition to create a customized set of strategies designed to yield maximized returns on your investment.

The goal is to drive traffic and increase sales. You'll learn how to engage new prospects, bring them from awareness of your product or service to expressing interest in your company, and then to making a purchase and becoming a loyal customer.

Did you know that a 5% rate of client retention can result in profit increases that range from 25 to 125%? PageDomination shows you how to leverage each touch point along your customers’ buying journeys so the result is a happy return client.

With a focus on approaches that take tighter budgets into consideration, Kendall and Michael work with you collaboratively. Plans remain fluid depending on metrics, while you learn about the digital marketing space and which tactics deliver the best results.

A spokesperson for PageDomination says, “We have clients all over North America, in all kinds of industries. Since we customize individual marketing plans, we can create effective budget-friendly strategies that accomplish intended goals.”

By updating their educational platform to include a focus on small business marketing and advice from the experts at PageDomination, Crucial Constructs helps level the playing field so that you can compete effectively, and prevail in the digital space.

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