These Skills Are More Important Than Ever For Wedding Photographers – Here’s Why

Mar 26, 2024

Beyond light, colors, angles, and poses, today’s wedding photographers need serious people skill to remain competitive – or get in business in the first place.

When vicar Rev Martyn Cripps kicked out a photographer for “clambering over chairs” and bothering the audience trying to get that perfect shot of the newlyweds, the couple were actually grateful. And while that sounds like any photographer’s nightmare, for beginners looking to master the basics it’s going to be a massive learning opportunity.

People Skills Matter

People skills are more important than ever, say the wedding photography course creators at The Wedding Photography School. Vicar Cripps’s story, recently included in a BBC news report, comes on the heels of increased friction between UK photographers and vicars. Both parties report occasional lack of respect and understanding for the other – and finger-pointing aside, it all boils down to a people skill issue.

Wedding photographers face increasingly stressful environments as modern weddings are getting increasingly complex, with more and more challenging demands and tighter schedules. Staying on top of it all isn’t the hardest part – it’s doing it without stepping on everyone’s toes.

And that, for the beginner wedding photographer, is one of the most important skills they can master.

New Courses Help Artists Keep Everyone Happy

A big part of the photography courses offered by The Wedding Photography School is managing interactions, dealing with everyone from the couple to the officiants. Students learn how to handle all client-related processes, from pre-wedding communication to wedding day shooting and sensible equipment setup, guiding couples to pose, keeping a discrete presence while still getting the desired shots, and many others.

“You will be learning from a true master who understands the anxieties clients face and has the technical expertise to guide them into flattering poses,” said the School. “No more awkward fumbling and forced smiles! With a few posing tricks up your sleeve, you can get straight to the heart of the image, leaving everyone relaxed and happy (especially you!).”

Perhaps more than any other art, wedding photography is only as successful as its main subjects are happy – and keeping them happy hasn’t always been at the forefront of wedding photography courses. The Wedding Photography School is trying to change that – and help the photographers of tomorrow deliver superb wedding experiences that will make everyone – including the most demanding vicars! - as happy as they can reasonably be.

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