These Portable Water Treatment Solutions Can Disinfect Drinking Water Instantly

Dec 15, 2020

Need a convenient way to disinfect water while you travel or camp? Oneness Labs’ new water treatment kits allow you to purify your drinking water in an instant — every purchase goes toward non-profits that support indigenous Amazon communities!

When traveling outside of the country, easy access to clean drinking water is not always guaranteed. Oneness Labs’ purifying drops help eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria from any water source!

Oneness Labs, an online retailer, has launched a new range of chlorine dioxide water purification kits. You can use the company’s water treatment solutions to purify water while traveling, hiking, camping, and during emergencies.

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The newly-launched products aim to provide you with an accessible method for disinfecting drinking water, with a portion of all proceeds dedicated to non-profit projects in the Amazon rainforest.

For decades, public water treatment plants have used chlorine dioxide to remove a variety of waterborne pathogens. When the proper amount is added to water, the chemical compound helps destroy viruses, bacteria, and certain types of parasites that can lead to diseases such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium parvum. 

When added to water, Oneness Labs’ chlorine dioxide drops release a highly active form of oxygen that acts as both an oxidant and antimicrobial agent. The product also works to neutralize unpleasant tastes without discoloring the water.

The company’s new convenient dropper bottle kits allow for easy mixing of the liquid when treating small and large quantities of water. You can choose from Citric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid activator options in 2oz and 4oz sizes. for the creation of chlorine dioxide.

With their chlorine dioxide Water Purification programs, Oneness Labs strives to help indigenous Amazon communities gain the ability to provide clean water for themselves. The company’s founders aim to assist in raising the health and well-being of individuals in the region while empowering their independence and responsibility.

You can find out more about the company’s philanthropic causes in South America on their blog. Head to for more details.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Drinking clean, purified water plays the most important role in our health. Now, we are left with the task of finding a way to make this a sustainable vision. We must find a way to empower these communities on the importance of clean water and inspire the rural communities of the Amazon to make their own health a top priority.”

Support Oneness Labs’ mission to bring clean drinking water to indigenous communities. 

Order your very own water treatment kit today at

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