These New York Clinical Psychologists Use Hypnotherapy To Treat Anorexia/Bulimia

Apr 9, 2024

Heal your relationship with food with the integrative hypnosis services at NY Health Hypnosis. The holistic healing practice works with children and teens who suffer from various eating disorders. Get in touch today at 646-537-1713.

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Despite what some people think, emotional eating and eating disorders can’t just be “turned off” like a light switch. These are patterns of behaviors that stem from your underlying beliefs about food and self-image.

For you to develop better eating habits, you need to go to the root cause of your behavior. How do you view food? What is your relationship with food, and most importantly, how do you improve it?

Let’s end your struggle with food today. Check out for more information.

Develop a healthier relationship with food

NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy specializes in integrative hypnosis services for eating disorders. This type of hypnosis is designed to help you heal your relationship with food, from emotional eating to more severe disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. The team at NY Health Hypnosis uses an integrative approach in working with you, combining advanced hypnosis techniques with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other mindfulness techniques, to design a custom plan.

These hypnosis sessions are led by a team of clinical psychologists, namely, Dr. Sera Lavelle, Dr. Rebecca Hoffenberg, Dr. Karolina Pekala, Dr. Laura Faiwiszewski, and Dr. Demi Maglio.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, "Unlike other ‘hypnotists’, our therapists hold doctorates in Clinical Psychology and have specialized training in eating disorders and other concerns related to food. Thus, we use advanced hypnosis techniques to help clients find balance and get in touch with their bodies, while also using CBT, mindfulness, EMDR, and analytic therapy techniques to help resolve internal conflicts and find peace with food."

Focus on your beliefs about food

Rather than focusing on “losing weight”, the therapists at NY Health Hypnosis guide you to fully understand the psychological reasons why you overeat or undereat. The goal of every hypnosis session is to help you safely and gently confront any negative beliefs you have about food so that you learn healthier ways of eating.

With hypnosis, you learn to think of food as fuel for nourishment. Over time, you will no longer use food as a crutch for emotional pain.

Create meaningful change

The hypnosis practice uses integrative therapy to promote meaningful change in you and aid you toward long-term recovery. According to the team, eating disorders are often manifestations of several complex issues that have intertwined with one another. To fully resolve the condition, you must first dissect each contributing factor and address it with tailored therapy.

It’s a holistic way of resolving your disorder. Unlike conventional medicine, you do not rely on pills or pharmaceutical interventions. Instead, you heal from within so that you become more confident in yourself.

NY's center for nontraditional therapies

NY Health Hypnosis is a trusted hypnosis and integrative therapy practice in New York. Aside from eating disorders, the team also works with clients for insomnia, confidence and motivation, ADHD and concentration, negative habits, and anxiety, among other things.

Clients are recommended to meet with their therapist once or twice a week. However, therapy frequency is always modified to align with the client’s schedule and needs. These sessions may be delivered in person or through HIPAA-compliant virtual consultations.

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