These Koh Tao Scuba Diving Courses Include Theory Lessons & Pool Sessions

Jul 5, 2024

Dive into adventure and sign up for one of La Bombona Diving’s all-inclusive scuba diving courses in Koh Tao, Thailand!

There's a whole other world for you to explore beneath the ocean's surface, and now you can, thanks to La Bombona Diving! The beachfront diving school's scuba diving courses combine theory and practical sessions to teach you how to safely dive up to 40 meters below sea level. The courses are led by expert instructors with decades of experience in the field and the RAID certifications earned are recognized worldwide.

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If you're looking to try scuba diving for the first time, La Bombona Diving's Try Dive course is what you need! Completed in one day, this course includes a theory lesson, a guided dive up to 12 meters, and the option to do a second dive. You'll be provided with all the necessary equipment and treated to snacks and drinks while on the boat.

“On our Try Dive course, you’ll be guided in shallow waters, ensuring you’re comfortable before the real adventures begin,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “It’s all about learning the essentials and building your confidence in the underwater realm.”

After Try Dive is La Bombona Diving's Open Water course, a multi-day course geared towards beginners who want to get certified. Upon completion of this course — which includes theory lessons, a pool session, and 4 ocean dives, amongst other things — you'll be able to dive up to 20 meters.


Their next level of course is their Advanced Explorer course. Split between land and water over a period of two days, this course — like the Open Water course — comes with theory lessons and multiple ocean dives; however, one of the dives is done at night, giving you the chance to learn how to navigate the unique challenges that the dark presents. The certification you earn for completing this course enables you to dive up to 30 meters.


La Bombona Diving’s final two courses, Master Rescue and Dive Master, are for those with extensive backgrounds in diving who are looking to make it a career. You'll be taught advanced diving skills and how to lead diving groups. You'll also learn rescue techniques and emergency preparedness strategies.


A sixth course, the Instructor Development Program, is available for scuba divers who have earned all of their previous certifications and now want to teach the next wave of divers.


For the Try Dive and Open Water courses, no experience is necessary; however, La Bombona Diving recommends that you get at least one diving session in before taking the Open Water course. To enroll in the Advanced Explorer course, you must have Open Water certification. This goes for the Master Rescue course, too (Open Water or Advanced Explorer is required). For the Dive Master course, First Aid, Oxygen Administration, and Rescue certification is needed, as well as Deep 40 and Nitrox specialties.

“My wife and I had a great experience on the Try Dive course for beginners,” said a satisfied client. “We were a little nervous swimming in open waters, but our instructor made us feel at ease and taught us the necessary skills to be able to swim underwater and breathe properly. We would 100% recommend this company for your dive.”

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