These Amherst HVAC Professionals Protect Your Family By Providing Clean Air

Oct 1, 2021

Call Cleanway Cleaning and Restoration at (716)990-2110 to ensure that your air ducts are cooling your home without contaminating it.

Air ducts may be out of sight, but unless they’re clean, their effects won’t be out of mind. Contaminated air duct systems trigger allergies for millions – don’t be one of them. Call on Cleanway Cleaning and Restoration now! 

The Niagara Falls, New York-based indoor air quality specialists have expanded their air duct cleaning programs into Amherst. The company works to create healthier air in your home – whether you live locally, in Buffalo, or beyond. 

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Cleanway Cleaning and Restoration strives to tackle the indoor air pollutant problem your family faces, utilizing advanced technology for optimal air purification. 

The company describes allergies as one of the most prominent factors in chronic disease in the United States, citing research from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Children, seniors, and anyone affected by allergies or respiratory conditions are especially vulnerable to indoor pollutants. Make sure you’re all protected with cleaner air in your home. 

As temperatures increase during the summer in New York state, the company emphasizes the need for you to maintain the air quality in your property. According to Cleanway Cleaning and Restoration, cleaning and unblocking air ducts and vents leads to the elimination of common allergens and indoor pollutants such as dust mites, pet dander, and various types of fungi.

Alongside a green background bolstered by its years of experience, the company follows the latest technological developments in hygienic solutions. You’ll find that the company is committed to protecting the environment, using eco-friendly products by leading brands including Ecolab and OdoBan. 

By ensuring that your air ducts are clean, you can provide a healthier household environment for your family. Check out for more info about the company’s philosophy and services regarding air quality.

A company spokesperson reiterates the importance of cleaning air ducts while the weather is hot: “Your air conditioning is going to be working overtime to keep your family cool and comfortable. Air duct cleaning relieves allergy symptoms, removes house dust, and improves cooling efficiency.” 

With the latest announcement, Cleanway Cleaning and Restoration continues to support the health of your local community by providing comprehensive air duct cleaning services. In addition, the company is able to assist you with dryer vent cleaning, carpet and upholstery care, power washing.

Cleaner air ducts equal cleaner homes – if you’re living in Niagara Falls, Amherst, or other New York locations, head to to learn more about the local company and the air quality services you need! 

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