The Ultimate Local Business Reputation Builder Guaranteed To Get Your Phone Ringing

Nov 14, 2016

Boost your local business sales with the kind of professional reputation marketing strategies that can get your town talking about your business the way you want to be talked about and remembered as the ‘go-to’ business for your market or niche so you can dominate your local competition and get your phone ringing.

The renowned Local Buzz Connect has announced its proprietary and unique local business reputation marketing solutions tailored to help local businesses create the type of ‘buzz’ and profile that can get them noticed, found and favored over their local competition.

More information is available at

Local Buzz Connect TV is the popular video marketing arm of the Cincinnati-based online marketing agency Web Marketingville, committed to helping local business owners thrive in an increasingly digitalized landscape with over 80% of potential customers now consulting online reviews before choosing or purchasing from a local business.

To help local businesses effectively promote their reputation online at prices they can afford, the company is offering proprietary and unique reputation marketing solutions which draw on leading video creation, SEO and social/internet directory expertise to create and market engaging, optimized and personalized review branding commercials which generate the type of local ‘buzz’ that gets a business noticed, found and favored over their competition.

The renowned Local Buzz Connect team creates unique and professionally shot and edited review branding commercials highlighting 5 star reviews and presenting the business as a market leader wrapped in calls to action and using the business setting as backdrop which are then effectively placed and marketed where the local audience can find them to guarantee the added exposure, authority and visual trust needed to reach and attract potential customers.

Free consultations on how the Local Buzz Connect team can get a local business the ‘buzz’ it needs at a leading ROI along with more information on its proven and unique review branding commercial creation and distribution process and track record can be requested at 513 489-5550, through the website link provided above or visit an example at Red Wing Shoes Cincinnati.

The Local Buzz Connect founder, Ken Geers, explains that “we get the town talking about our client’s businesses the way they want to be talked about. We get their message out and present them as the leading authority using the power of video to talk directly to their customers and provide the added visual trust they need to make a buying decision that favors our clients’ business instead of their competitors and get their phone ringing.”

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