The Things You Should Know About Love Therapy

Nov 1, 2016

Dahmenah is a Filmmaker and Author who is passionate about creating media projects that inspire women to design the life of their dreams. With several years of experiences in social services and entertainment, Dahmenah has helped women ignite their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-love. She believes by giving them the ability to make life choices from a place of strength, determination, enthusiasm, honesty, and love they can create amazing lives. For more information about “LOVE THERAPY” and other projects visit

Los Angeles, CA - Rose 2 Rebel Entertainment announced today that the romantic drama "LOVE THERAPY," written and directed by Dahmenah Mingo ("HAPPILY EVER AFTER.") is now available on Video On Demand at In this new film, the therapist played by Erika L. Holmes gives relationship advice to all that seek her help.This story will resonate with people who struggle to find and keep love. The characters past pain and the fear of rejection stopped them from connecting with others even though they desire it more than anything else in the world. It's those hidden pains that come to the surface in the film that helps everyone heal. Watch trailer and film here: "LOVE THERAPY" is a romantic drama about AJ a successful, lonely, overworked therapist who solves her client's relationship issues but doesn't want to deal with her own. While fixated on her daily activity, she meets a handsome stranger that reminds her of what she’s been missing. But, she wonders if he’s the man of her dreams or just another nightmare. He forces her to deal with the issues that are blocking new love from entering into her life. Three facts about the film: 1. All key positions were held by women. 2. It was shot in 8 days. 3. On the last day of production, 12 pages of the script had to be shot within 10 hours. "Sometimes when it comes to love a little help changes everything," said filmmaker Dahmenah Mingo, " no one should be embarrassed by not being good at something that they want instead know that it's okay to ask for help when needed." Rose 2 Rebel Entertainment got its start when founder Dahmenah Mingo noticed a growing need for more women focused stories. With after a lifetime of experiences in her own life, helping women through Social Services and in the Entertainment world, Dahmenah Mingo decided to go ahead and start the production company in 2007. She has also authored two self-help books. For more facts and further information about Rose 2 Rebel Entertainment, this can be discovered at
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