The Sweet Meerkats EBook That Will Empower Your Children To Be Proud Of Their Differences

Jan 10, 2018

The empowering, sweet and inspiring illustrated children’s book “Little Big Jonathan and the Seed of Happiness” by Jannis Bothe is now available on Amazon in Kindle and hardcover format.

The author Jannis Bothe announced his illustrated children’s book entitled “Little Big Jonathan and the Seed of Happiness” is now available on Amazon for the parents who want to inspire their children to believe in themselves and be proud of their differences.

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The “Little Big Jonathan and the Seed of Happiness” is an empowering and touching children’s book deriving from the experiences of the young author Jannis Bothe during a one year trip around the world.

The book made to inspire the new generation to discover their strengths and stay true to themselves and their own goals, shares its valuable life lessons and empowerment message through the story of Jonathan, a special meerkat who is different from all the others and is trying to get the rest of his colony to listen to his plan to save the valley once it’s devastated by a storm.

Set in the great desert of Africa, the book draws on the different people and cultures the author met during his journey and the fun, engaging illustrations of young graphic designer Ruby Hagemeier to tell the touching story of this young meerkat in a red dress who has a very special quality to share with his colony.

The book is now available in both Kindle and hardcover format on Amazon for all the parents who want to teach their little ones to believe in themselves, be proud of their differences and aspire to use their special qualities for the good of those around them through a sweet, fun family story.

One of the readers explained “children will love the meerkats and the empowerment themes teaching that everyone has a special quality to share with the world. In fact, I think all readers can learn many life lessons from this sweet family story.”

For more information on the “Little Big Jonathan and the Seed of Happiness”, its 22 year old author Jannis Bothe or the fun, sweet human like meerkats and valuable life lessons he is trying to share, parents can visit the website link provided above.

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