The Spiritual Exercises And Mediation To Transcend Fear, Stress And Anxiety In Everyday Life

Sep 3, 2016

Discover the unique and dynamic meditation method taught by a spiritual unfoldment meditation martial and healing arts icon tailored to be integrated into daily life and find spiritual balance by understanding and transcending inner mental disharmony such as fear, stress, anxiety, depression, bad habits, and more.

The renowned martial, mediation and healing arts instructor Richard L. Haight announced its latest book ‘The Unbound Soul: Applied Spirituality’ teaching a unique meditation method to free the mind of disharmony and find practical daily life spiritual awareness and balance.

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Richard L. Haight is a prominent martial, meditation and healing arts instructor who spent 15 years in Japan training in ancient martial arts, receiving the menkyo-kaiden (certificate of total mastery) now sharing and spreading his practical method of spiritual unfoldment through his highly popular mediation and martial arts classes and seminars in southern Oregon.

The popular author and instructor has announced its book entitled ‘The Unbound Soul’, teaching a unique and dynamic mediation method designed to be practically integrated into daily life and help decondition the mind to be free of latent inner disharmony such as stress, anger, fear, shame, habits, depression or addictions.

The book is a memoir of the author’s own spiritual awakening process, chronicling his true story that began when he was a young boy where in the midst of a vision, he dedicates his life to spiritual awakening. Thus begins an adventure filled life that leads him across the globe gathering ancient knowledge and mastering martial, healing and meditation arts. The memoir is combined with how-to instructions and awareness tools that help readers understand and transcend inner disharmony to find their path toward practical realization in everyday life.

More information on Richard L. Haight and his teachings, seminars or classes and his unique mediation method can be consulted on the website link provided above along with details on his ‘The Unbound Soul’ book also available with multiple reader testimonials at

Richard L. Haight explains that “my book teaches a unique mediation method designed to be integrated into daily life making the spiritual path one’s daily life. All that we need is occurring for us each day and this meditation method allows this be realized in the core of one’s being, not just at the level of logic or belief”.

He adds that “the book is a memoir about my personal spiritual awakening process but its second half is a how-to that instructs the reader on how to decondition the mind to be free of disharmony. It reveals the profoundly simple yet elusive truth that illuminates our life and provides a unique mediation method and set of powerful awareness tools to assist everyone on the personal path”.

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