The Solo Musician Guide Teaches How To Get Gigs And Build An Online Presence

Aug 27, 2021

The “Solo Musician Guide” has the answers to all of your burning questions on how to make money as an independent artist. You have the passion, they have the plan!

Have you dreamed about playing music for money? Have you wondered how musicians get those gigs and what you’d have to do to get them too? The “Solo Musician Guide” is the best way to start!

Solo Musician, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has released a new guide for independent performers like you. The author Russ Still is a business executive, entrepreneur, songwriter, recording artist, and solo music artist.

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With the release of the “Solo Musician Guide,” Russ Still is giving aspiring artists like you insider tips on how to turn your dream into a career.

According to studies, live shows are the second-largest source of income for independent artists. However, almost half of performers are missing out on potential sales available through this option. Too often, many talented musicians like yourself are not properly informed on how to apply a marketing strategy that can expand your reach beyond your own personal network of family and friends.

In order to realize financial success in the music industry, you must handle your passion as a business. Russ Still wrote the “Solo Musician Guide” to equip you with the knowledge and tools to make money by making music. It was designed to benefit both seasoned professionals and complete beginners.

The guide covers a large variety of topics including how to develop your song list, becoming comfortable playing in front of strangers and crowds, establishing your equipment list, developing a social media presence, avoiding strategic and financial mistakes, ​and more.

Russ Still has over 40 years of experience performing 1,000s of shows at diverse venues. He points out that no one will ever inform you of the mistakes you are making, they just won’t hire you again. The guide teaches you the skills needed to prevent these mistakes.

Still stated: “We’ve been making music for decades and know all the tricks of the trade. We know how terrifying your first open mic can be, how hard it is to find gigs, and what it’s like to not know what equipment to buy or which songs to play. Let us save you time and money. Whether you need some insight into a particular issue or you are starting from scratch we have the information you need.”

It’s not your fault if you’re struggling! It takes more than talent to be truly successful in the music industry!

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