The Revolutionary PerioSciences Antioxidant Oral Care System In Pleasanton For A Healthier And Brighter Smile

Mar 9, 2017

Discover the amazing and revolutionary anti-oxidant infused oral care and hygiene products by PerioSciences which are the first of its kind in the market and an incredibly effective solution to get that beautiful, healthy smile you’ve been waiting for in a more natural, sensitive and hydrating way.

The renowned Pacific Dental Care and Fastbraces announced it is now providing the innovative and highly sought after PerioSciences anti-oxidant oral care and hygiene products ideal for a more hydrating, sensitive, whitening or natural oral care regimen and optimal oral health.

More information is available at

The Pacific Dental Care and Fastbraces is a highly popular dental care practice based in Pleasanton, California, drawing on Dr. Jeff Bueno and Dr. Tom Sellick’s years of experience to help patients across the greater TriValley area address any of their dental care needs with the best in family and cosmetic dentistry.

The dental practice which earned a leading reputation in the industry by combining the most complete, trusted and quality dental care, from simple cleanings to teeth whitening or custom dental implants and braces, with the most attentive, friendly and welcoming experience for patients of all ages, announced it is now providing the innovative PerioSciences oral care products.

The revolutionary PerioSciences oral care solutions include some of the most advanced antioxidant-based oral care and hygiene products, from unique, popular and highly sought after dental gels and mouth rinses to toothpastes and complete oral care systems for the most optimal oral health and a more hydrating, sensitive, whitening and natural daily oral care regimen.

Appointments with the Pacific Dental Care and Fastbraces or more information on its wide range of family & cosmetic dentistry solutions along with multiple patient testimonials, a virtual tour of its office on 4430 Willow Rd., Suite H, Pleasanton, CA and the PerioSciences oral care products it now provides are available on 925 426 1300, through the website link provided above or at

The Pacific Dental Care and Fastbraces team explains that “our entire staff works hard every day to give our patients the most effective, friendly and affordable dentistry. We know that great dentistry requires more than just quality dental care, it also requires a personal relationship and a caring attitude. That’s why we believe in pairing state of the art dentistry with the most warm, friendly attitude to make sure our patients attain and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile at all times.”

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