The New Buzz In LA: Custom Large Pivot Doors From An Award-Winning Company

May 8, 2024

Add instant style and awe-inspiring luxury to your home with a custom pivot door from LA’s Panda Windows & Doors, home of the award-winning Voyage Select collection.

If you've ever marveled at the majesty a large pivot door instantly brings to any home, hotel, or commercial building, maybe it's time you made your own bold and sophisticated statement by incorporating a custom-sized pivot door into your home's entryway. 

Ready to elevate some curb appeal?

Industry leader Panda Windows & Doors is here to help you make your wildest doorway dreams a reality with a stunning pivot door designed to turn your home into an Architectural Digest cover feature. Get in touch now to benefit from the fastest lead times in the market and the most talented design teams available:


Voyage Select is the award-winning collection of large-size pivot doors from Panda Windows & Doors.

If you're looking to create an instant sense of arrival, there's no better way to achieve this distinct sensation than through a 24-ft tall by 10-ft wide pivot door customized for seamless integration that somehow still manages to take center stage within the neighborhood.

Window + Door magazine - which named Panda Windows & Doors’ Voyage Select pivot doors the "Most Innovative Entry Door for 2022" - says more and more homeowners are choosing pivot doors to differentiate their homes by creating a visually impactful first impression.

Panda Windows & Doors helps you transform this new design element into your own, one-of-a-kind entryway thanks to endless customization alternatives.


With a full range of innovative pivot door options, Panda Windows & Doors blends an awe-inspiring aesthetic with functional, high-performance design elements.

A company spokesperson explains:

“We pride ourselves on our ability to make any design possible. Our Voyage Select pivot doors, for example, embody elegant design and engineering innovation, two architectural pillars we strive to achieve with every product release.”


Unlike traditional door designs that are attached to a door frame, pivot doors rotate on a spindle that acts like a pivot. This state-of-the-art engineering enables doors weighing upwards of 1,000 lbs to open with less effort than a conventional hinged system, creating a wider, grander entrance.

Each custom pivot door from Panda Windows & Doors is handcrafted at the company's warehouse in Las Vegas, NV. Teams use high-quality hardware, steel pin spindles, and proprietary 6063-T6 aluminum extrusions to create grand, durable doors that open with the touch of a finger, self-close quietly, and can be unlocked with a fingerprint, RFID card, or smartphone app.

Doors from both the company’s standard line and luxury line can be color-matched as needed and further customized with glass, unique exterior finishes, and through a selection of handle hardware. Their teams of designers and engineers are available to work directly with you to help transform your ideas into a bespoke pivot door tailored to exacting specifications.


With over 30 regional agents throughout the US, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean, finding your Panda Windows & Doors distributor is easy. Now you can modernize your entryway for the exclusive and sophisticated aesthetic you've always wanted in partnership with the industry's best.

Browse Panda Windows & Doors' Voyage Select collection to see what speaks to your discerning eye and yanks at your design heartstrings. Consult with a company expert for a next-level pivot door so magnificent, it will reduce you to tears.

Ready to connect with an expert from the award-winning Voyage Select collection? Explore all your design possibilities today and prepare to bawl your eyes out.

Learn more about Panda Windows & Doors now at

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