The New Age of Business Cards starting now

Aug 21, 2019

New Age using Digital Business Cards is beginning now. Learn more about it at:

Are you looking for the latest Digital Business Card Services? You will soon be able to get involved with LCS – The Lead Conversion System. Today Andreas Boenisch, Global Educational Entrepreneur and CEO at BOE24 Inc. releases details of the new Digital Business Card Services with the Lead Conversion System development.

The new Digital Business Card Services with the Lead Conversion System is designed to appeal specifically to You as a Business Owner, Marketer, Sales or Service Person and include:

Digital Business Card – This feature was included because you have no need to print paper business cards any more. This is great news for you as a business owner, marketer or sales or service person because now you always have your business card on your phone.

The Lead Conversion System – This was made part of the service, because now you have a Customer Relationship Management system connected with your digital business card. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because you have a system connected to your business card to follow up with your contacts systematically.

Total Customization – LCS – The Lead Conversion System made sure to make this part of the service because you can change the design of your digital business card whenever you like. Customers of our new Digital Business Card Services will likely appreciate this because literally just turn on the icons and buttons and information that you want your viewers to see. This is great if you do networking and offline events like BNI and others.

Andreas Boenisch, when asked about the new Digital Business Card Services LCS – The Lead Conversion System recommended:

“Signup for your free account so you can grab your link to your own Digital Business Card – use basic features – and test it.”

This is the latest offering from BOE24 Inc. and Andreas Boenisch is particularly excited about this launch because inside the members area you have the ability to deploy more cool features on your Lead Conversion System, such as Mobile App, Appointment Services, Live Calling, Texting, Enterprise features for your team, and much more.

Are you interested in learning more about LCS – The Lead Conversion System and the Services? You can do so on the website at

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