The Most Effective Explainer Videos For A Startup Business Now With 20% Off

Oct 13, 2016

Get 20% off on the most effective whiteboard hand sketched or animated explainer videos entirely custom-made for your business or marketing/promotional purposes and guaranteed to get you much more sales, exposure, attention and engagement from your potential clients than regular videos.

The popular video production company SteveWebJobs announced an expansion of its premier, and entirely custom made whiteboard hand drawn sketch or animated explainer video production services, available with 20% discount promotions and ideal to capture the viewer’s attention.

More information is available at

SteveWebJobs is an acclaimed and renowned low cost explainer and whiteboard video production business with an established reputation and extensive experience providing clients with informational, fun, contemporary and attention-grabbing marketing, sales, product demo or promotional videos professionally produced to truly reach and impact potential customers or visitors online.

The acclaimed video production company has announced an expansion of its animated or hand-drawn sketch whiteboard explainer video production services, available with 20% discount promotions. The produced videos presents information in a clear, interesting, fun and engaging manner ideal for multiple purposes and proven to capture and retain a viewer’s attention more effectively than regular videos.

The video production services provided by SteveWebJobs include entirely custom-made animated explainer videos with short, informational and fun stories told through explainer props and characters which can also be combined with regular videos. The hand drawn sketch videos where the viewer follows the images being drawn on a whiteboard, a method based on scientifically proven psychology and advertising principles of capturing a viewer’s attention.

Free quotes and an extensive range of video samples with the agency’s latest work along with more information on its leading explainer and whiteboard video production solutions and details on the 20% discount promotions available or its proven track record and the leading customer-centric service philosophy behind its 80% client retention rate can be requested or consulted through the website link provided above along with multiple client testimonials.

SteveWebJobs explains that “we pride ourselves on creating great and affordable explainer animated videos and whiteboard drawing videos produced in a way that makes them both fun and interesting to follow while also informational and much more effective in retaining viewer attention than regular videos. We are amongst the best in our industry and our videos are 100% custom made and guaranteed to make an impact”.

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