The Most Common Dog Health Problems During Winter & What To Do To Prevent Them

Nov 27, 2023

Keep your dog healthy this winter with this checklist of common canine ailments and their symptoms from

It’s never too early to start holiday shopping, I tell myself as I run my pen down the checklist: 

Turkey - check

Veggies and potatoes - check

Dog food - check

Gift for mum - check

Gifts for nephews - check

Wrapping paper - check

Tissues - check

Cold and flu meds - sigh, well tis the season! Check.

Well, that’s me set for whatever winter can throw my way, but what about my good boy, Rover? Cliché name, I know, but it’s actually short for “Land Rover”. His mum gave birth to him in our Jeep and also he’s built like a furry tank! He’s a St Berny, so it fits.

His big furry coat keeps him cozy, but it doesn’t shield him from getting all sorts of colds, bugs and other nasty health complaints over the winter months. How can I prepare to keep him healthy? Well, guide to Common Dog Health Issues and Their Symptoms seems a good place to start. Get your free copy at   

This one-stop guide to the most frequent doggy health complaints acts as another handy checklist for the holiday season. 

The canine health professionals who contributed their expertise to the article, highlight several contagious diseases that can spread quickly in dogs that I should look out for. In cases of canine influenza, distemper and parvovirus, the recommendation is to contact a veterinarian early to avoid the condition becoming more serious. Vet on speed-dial – Check.

Long-term or chronic conditions which mostly affect senior dogs are also covered in the guide – good for my Rover, who’s pushing 10 this year! Conditions such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis and cataracts all require regular checkups with a vet for monitoring. As with most medical conditions, early intervention can help prevent conditions from becoming life-altering for pets. Frequent health checks with a vet who knows the pet’s medical history can help determine if and when more complex interventions, like surgery, are necessary. 

Book check-up appointment with vet – Check.

We all know that dog lovers want to do what is best for their pets; to keep them safe and healthy. Which is why I’m so grateful for this updated list of common ailments to keep on top of my doggy’s well-being. Knowing what to look for and staying informed is the best way to ensure that my dog enjoys the winter months without getting sick.

Remember: just because a health issue is common, does not mean that it isn’t potentially serious. When left unchecked, illnesses can escalate quickly in dogs. Therefore, fellow pet parents, please check your dogs regularly for the symptoms listed in this handy guide over the holiday season.  

You can stay up-to-date with the latest health advice for dogs for all seasons, as well as other articles on pet training and nutrition at   

Oh, just one more thing: doggy snuggles on the sofa – Check.

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