The Importance Of Ventilation In Refrigerated Storage Containers To Prevent Mold

Jun 25, 2024

Learn about the importance of ventilation inside a refrigerated (reefer) container and how the right container could help your business. Conexwest of California (855 878-5233) explains all!

Sure, businesses keep perishable goods bound for different locations fresh and safe during transport and storage by using refrigerated (‘reefer’) containers, but there’s one crucial aspect that often goes unrecognized: ventilation. Ensuring proper ventilation in a reefer container is essential for maintaining optimal interior conditions and preventing spoilage, something industry leader Conexwest covers in their recent article “What is a Reefer Container?”

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Reefer containers are more than just insulated boxes; they are high-tech solutions designed to keep cargo at precise temperatures. Proper ventilation ensures air circulates evenly throughout the container, preventing condensation that can lead to mold and mildew and can compromise the integrity of perishable cargo.

Conexwest offers you a peek into this technology with an article that notes the important role reefer containers play in the international supply chain and explains why proper ventilation is imperative.


Conexwest both rents and sells standard, customized, and specialized shipping and storage containers to clients in various sectors across the US.

Their reefer containers are weatherproof, pest-proof, watertight, and secure, and can maintain temperatures as low as -20°F, -40°F, and even -76°F. Without proper ventilation, however, these temperatures would cause a buildup of condensation. Conexwest ensures reefer container interiors are ideal in every aspect, allowing for necessary airflow while preventing water from entering the container. Many vents are also screened to prevent bugs from entering as well.

A company spokesperson explains:

“Our reefer containers are used by customers across the US for either short or long-term storage of temperature-sensitive cargo like food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and more. Containers at Conexwest come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit any business’s needs. We even have reefer containers equipped with their own generators.”


In addition to proper ventilation, reefer containers are equipped with integrated cooling units for enhanced portability. Conexwest delivers your container straight to your worksite or place of business, and if you're renting your container, they'll also provide pickup services.

Associates at Conexwest recognize the challenges you face in preserving the quality of your perishable goods for storage and transport and will work closely with you to ensure you choose the right container for your needs. As both suppliers and fabricators, Conexwest’s technicians are specialists in the engineering behind their products and can customize a container with windows, partitions, shelving systems, and custom paint if the exterior of your container needs to reflect your brand.


To date, Conexwest has helped over 10,000 customers, offering competitive rates on new, used, and refurbished containers. Their client roster includes giants like PG&E, Chevron, Google, US Concrete, and even the US Navy. When you partner with Conexwest, you're in good company!

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