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Jun 3, 2024

Azure IAM is celebrating its legacy of excellent service in the identity and access management (IAM) industry and inviting you to find out why it has become one of the most trusted names in IAM.

Azure IAM Celebrates A Legacy Of Success

In the ever-changing, ever-shifting landscape of the cybersecurity world, you need a trusted partner to ensure you stay ahead of newly developed threats. With decades of experience and a long record of success in the industry, consulting firm Azure IAM can be that partner.

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As we approach both the retirement date of Microsoft Identity Manager - a now-obsolete staple of digital security - and the rollout of Microsoft's latest security software, Entra, Azure IAM is looking back at years of successful, dignified service. 

With clients spanning nearly every industry across the public and private sectors, Azure IAM has proven time and time again that nothing beats field experience and down-to-earth expertise. This record has earned them official Microsoft partner status, as well as abundant respect among their clients and peers.

Your Ally In The Cyber War

In the ongoing fight to keep data out of the hands of bad actors, Azure IAM is a powerful ally. By combining cutting-edge tech with proven strategies, they will provide you with everything necessary to stay ahead in the fight.

Throughout their years-long tenure in the cybersecurity space, Azure IAM has specialized in the custom implementation of digital security infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure and its predecessor, Microsoft Identity Manager. As the landscape continues to shift and new standards are set, the firm is reaffirming their commitment to providing the best security possible.

Industry-Leading Tools

Microsoft Azure and its cloud-based component, Azure Active Directory, lead the industry in dynamic and customizable passwordless security technology. By combining Azure with other independently developed solutions such as Okta or OpenID, Azure IAM can establish nearly impenetrable digital perimeters around any network, both on-premise and in the cloud.

The technologies are also compatible with Microsoft’s Authenticator app and Yubikey, both of which enable passwordless verification. By removing passwords from a given network and replacing them with robust MFA solutions, Azure IAM can preemptively put a stop to common breach methods such as phishing, impersonation, or password spray attacks.

In Their Own Words

“Our company puts decades of experience, in implementing small to large scale Identity Management systems, at the disposal of our current and prospective customers,” a spokesperson explained, referencing the combined experience of their two-man team of cybersecurity veterans.

They continue, “We architect, design, and implement secured Identity systems for the public and private sectors, the states, and the federal government.”

As mentioned in the above quote, Azure Active Directory deployments can be used as a basis for high-stakes cybersecurity infrastructure, up to and including top-secret PIM systems.

Partner With Azure IAM

As Azure IAM celebrates their continued ability to keep public and private organizations safe in the face of a rising tide of cybercrime, they are inviting you to take advantage of their knowledge and experience. To get in touch with their team, visit

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