Jun 4, 2018

The Lifting The Veil conference will take place from August 9-11 2018 at Long Lisland’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. Tickets are now available online and early-bird special pricing for a limited time.

  • the hear the watchmen lifting the veil conference will take place from 9 11 augu
  • the hear the watchmen lifting the veil conference will take place from 9 11 augu

New York, NY, USA – June 4, 2018: Renowned Non-Denominational Christian Movement, Hear the Watchmen has proudly announced that for the first time ever, it is bringing a life-changing weekend conference to Long Island, New York. The inspiring conference will take place from August 9 to August 11, 2018 at Long Island’s Hyatt Regency and is called ‘Lifting the Veil.’ “This conference should be a sold-out event and we are welcoming everyone to participate before we run out of tickets.” Said Mike Kerr, the Co-Founder, and spokesperson for Hear the Watchmen, while talking about ‘Lifting the Veil’ Conference.

Moreover, this conference will be followed by an inspiring Baptisms and Montauk Tour on August 12th, 2018. Tickets are now available online, while the host hotel is about 20 miles from JFK and it is offering special discounted rates for the conference. “More than 10 anointed and renowned speakers will present powerful information and inspiration including the very latest archaeological research and Biblical proofs, which you do not want to miss.” He added. Tickets are now available online on the website of Hear the Watchmen and this bible and prophecy conference is already creating a major buzz.

In addition, the anointed speakers will also reveal and share some of the most intriguing End Time Prophesies that will equip and prepare the participants and their loved ones for the spiritual battles ahead. Speakers include Henry Gruver, LA Marzulli, Pastor Paul Begley, Dr. Michael Lake, Derek Gilbert, Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat, Russ Dizdar, and Pastor Carl Gallups, Coach Dave Daubenmire and Pastor Caspar McCloud. Moreover, the early-bird ticket price of $99 extends till June 15th and after June 15th, the General admission rate is $129, while a very limited number of upgraded VIP tickets are also available.

“The Secrets and testimonies we experience and share are changing thousands of lives and we only have a short window of time left.” said Co-Founder, Mike Kerr, while talking about the conference and its impact on changing lives. According to Mike, participants will be able to learn and discover about the areas such as; hidden secret knowledge, Cabal’s conspiracies, mind control, mark of the beast and much more. Hear the Watchmen has already organized 6 successful conferences throughout the US since 2016, with the goal of Bringing Worship, Restoration, Revival & Power to the Remnant Body of Christ through Education, Prayer, and Fellowship.

For more details, special tickets, hotel rates and information, please visit:

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