The Great Eaton, Ohio Art Exhibition Showcasing Amazing Local Talent All Year Long

Aug 19, 2016

Discover the mixed media art exhibition running in Eaton, Ohio all year long, until August 2017, with amazing local talent, including two fascinating pieces by the self-taught and increasingly more popular Etsy mixed media artist Laura Ceville known for her original, ‘whimsical’ and fun artwork.

The prominent mixed media artist, Laura Ceville, announced that two of her highly popular art pieces have been selected to feature in the prestigious year-long art exhibition at the Henny Penny corporate office in Eaton, Ohio, until August 2017.

More information on Laura Ceville’s designs and art is available at

Laura Ceville is a highly popular Beavercreek, Ohio based mixed media artist using multiple mediums from pencil and paper to heavy gel gloss for texture and oil paint for a vintage, aged look, to create a broad range of premier, original and unique art pieces available in her Etsy store.

The artist has announced two pieces of her original and highly popular mixed media art have been selected to be displayed in the art exhibition at the Henny Penny corporate office in Eaton, Ohio, running all year long until August 2017, and resulting from a partnership between the Preble County Art Association and Henny Penny to provide local artists with the opportunity to show their work.

The mixed media art selected for the exhibition includes a piece inspired by a dachshund wearing a multi-colored sweater representing the essence of nostalgia and a Zen-like state of peace along with ‘Bridging the Gap,’ inspired by the history and grandeur of the Brubaker Bridge also incorporating quintessential elements of Ohio which can be found in the collaged landscape and a feeling of ‘whimsy’ which is a signature aspect in the artist’s work.

More information and multiple examples of Laura Ceville’s highly popular art, including unique and original paintings, journals, cards, matchboxes, wooden eggs, and more, available for sale on Etsy, can be consulted on the website link provided above along with details on the inspiration, techniques, and signature aspects behind her work.

The mixed media artist, children’s book author and Brubaker Company Vice President, Laura Ceville, explains that “I am primarily a self-taught artist with no formal education in art. Instead, I have followed and studied artists that have interested me over the years. I work with various mediums to create my art and enjoy mixing the different mediums to include paper, paints, pencil, and more, to create a piece that is original and unique with plenty of whimsy as I enjoy keeping my art fun and lighthearted”.

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