The G.L.A.M. Program Is Teaching Social Selling With Exciting Results

Mar 3, 2023

Healthcare workers can reach a wider audience with the strategic use of social media.

The G.L.A.M. Program Is Teaching Social Selling With Exciting Results

Renowned doctor, author, and content creator, Dr. Efrat LaMandre, Ph.D., known as Dr. E, founder of The Knew Method, recently praised the G.L.A.M. program by social selling strategist, Molly Mahoney, for its exceptional contribution to her business growth. In a glowing testimonial, Dr. E emphasized the importance of creating content and how the G.L.A.M. program helped her streamline the process and achieve success.

One of Dr. E's videos reached three million views and generated 122 calls in one day. This type of value-focused content creation is definitely an opportunity for other health experts and professionals to take advantage of.

"None of it is possible without Molly," Dr. E stated. "If someone is ready to do the work, it freaking works. Don't believe it? Take a look at all The Knew Method social media channels. Some of the videos are passing the million-view mark, and appointments on the calendar are booked out weeks in advance. It’s all from following the G.L.A.M framework.”

Molly Mahoney is a renowned content creator, speaker, and social sales strategist who has helped countless entrepreneurs succeed with their social selling efforts. Her G.L.A.M. program is a culmination of years of experience and research, designed to make content creation accessible, achievable, and successful for all entrepreneurs.

The G.L.A.M. program, which stands for Go Live And Monetize, is designed for entrepreneurs to create and distribute content effectively. It covers all aspects of content creation, from ideation to distribution, repurposing, and engagement - and most importantly - sales. The program is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to increase their online visibility, engage with their audience authentically, and increase revenue.

Dr. E credits Molly's program for helping her achieve incredible growth on multiple platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. She shared that before using the G.L.A.M. system, she struggled to create high-quality content and wasted a lot of money paying others to produce meaningless content. However, Molly's program provided her with the tools and strategies needed to produce high-quality content and add to her bottom line.

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