The extraordinary powers of water (including for weight release!)

Nov 25, 2022

Water can help you in your journey of reducing weight, but did you know that you can program your Water to workout for you! Yes you got that right! With Turbo charged Water, you can communicate your goal of weight reduction to your water!

The extraordinary powers of water (including for weight release!)

Did you ever know that Water can help you in your journey of reducing weight? And no, I’m not talking about the amount of water you should drink each day, although that is also important, but something even more important; the way you program your Water to workout for you! Yes you got that right!

My life changed when I started doing this.

But hey, before that, How is the health of the Water you let in your body?

We all are aware of how important it is to have clear and clean water for the absorption of nutrients is much faster and better with clean water as well as the elimination of wastes from our bodies. It is even said that the quality of water in our bodies is directly proportional to our quality of life! While there are countless studies and scientific proof to prove this, what I have found is that along with how clean and clear the water is, the vibrational frequency of water is important too!

Healing with water isn’t a new concept, as water has been validated for its healing abilities since ancient times, be it the Greeks giving importance to bathing in the Nile river or the churches having holy water! In India, the holy river Ganga is given great importance for purifying the soul from sins and sufferings.

In fact, Tibetan monks even today in certain places are known to chant around the community water supply to energize the water to heal villagers from ailments and avoid discord and conflicts in society. Isn’t it amazing how simply having healing water can bring in enormous benefits!

As small kids, I remember enjoying the fascinating way water would transform itself with anything you add it to, infusing in itself, the color, taste and texture of it; but little did I know that it did the same with the words, thoughts and intentions we unknowingly or knowingly infused it with!

With the world made up of energy and with everything vibrating on a certain frequency, including us and everything that we consume, be it water, veggies, fruits, etc. But then why water only?

I had a similar question too, but I realized why, and would love to share it with you too!

Have you ever noticed a reflecting surface? Like a Mirror or a glass? If you notice closely, it reflects what is in front of it, nothing more, nothing less. Understand water as doing just that! It absorbs the emotions, thoughts, and words we speak and reflects it in our body when we drink it! Our speech and words carry vibrational energy and these vibrations are absorbed by water which directly impacts the vibrations of water too. In a way, we can say that water can be the future of energy medicine and it is just a matter of time before we unlock many more of its sacred benefits and healing abilities!

Don’t believe it? I didn’t either, but this scientific study changed my perspective!

Dr. Emoto, a renowned Japanese Scientist is known to bring this revolutionary idea backed by scientific research that our physical reality is influenced by our internal reality, viz our thoughts and actions! His study was focused on how water has a change in molecular structures when exposed to human words, thoughts, affirmations, emotions, statements and much more.

The pictures of the formations on water before and after the study were taken through Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high-speed photographs.

In his study, he showed how when water was exposed to positive, pleasant and compassionate words like, ‘I love you’, ‘Thankyou’, ‘You are amazing’, and similar words, it surprisingly led to some aesthetically pleasing and beautiful formations on the molecular structure of water. However, when water is exposed to negative, harsh or fearful statements, emotions or thoughts, viz ‘I hate you’, ‘ You are not good enough’, etc the molecular formations on water are disfigured or just disconnected.

What is even more astounding is when he exposed polluted water to prayers and chants, the geometric formations on water changed to some beautiful ones which were similar to the ones found in clean or drinking water!

With this, shouldn’t we question if just water being exposed to words, thoughts and statements can bring in transforming changes in the molecular structure of water, just think how much can we humans be affected by words, thoughts , emotions and statements. With our world and our bodies made up of 70% water, it does really hold great importance in our lives!

Imagine how you can transform your life by just communicating with the Water you drink! Also, this promotes inner healing too as water reaches every cell of our body along with physical, emotional and mental healing.

And just by making changes in the way we intake water in our daily lives, we can bring in enormous changes and transformations in our everyday lives!

Although Western scientists are now discovering what our elders have been saying for centuries- That Water is a living being! It is intelligent enough and has consciousness and memory too. It holds emotions and words conveyed to it and even gets affected by it.

And now, back to the weight reduction, doesn’t it make much more sense now if I say you can communicate with water to workout for you?

Yes, there is a way and expert guidance can help us get it right and work in our favor much more easily rather than trials and errors with minimal impact.

I used the method of Turbo Charged Water by Nidhu B Kapoor! She is the only expert you need to know about if your goal is a flatter belly with a healthier body, and all of it without any meds, workouts, lifestyle changes, etc

Drinking turbocharged Slimming water NATURALLY gives you desires to eat healthier so it also starts releasing junk food cravings!! You even have more energy than usual!

Don't take my word for it - give it a shot today itself. Do it in these steps:

All you need is a glass or a bottle of water and a willingness to release your body weight!

1. Take a glass/bottle of water.

2. In the mouth of the glass/bottle say:


YES, I weigh ___ NOW!”

(add here what is the weight you wish to reach to, for eg If you wish to weigh 54kgs/119 lb / 8.5 st you would say, Yes! I weigh 54kgs/119 lb / 8.5 st NOW!)

Repeat each of these statements three times.

3. Against the sides of the glass/bottle repeat the sentences thrice again.

4. Swirl the water a bit. Either drink or keep. This swirling is crucial because water is not a good conductor i.a. What we have said in the mouth and side of the glass/bottle can take very long to be distributed among all the water molecules.

5. Do this for all bottles at home.

The water can feel cooler, taste sweeter. In a day, its texture will also change. How cool isn't it?

Nidhu B Kapoor, owner of this technology of Turbo Charged water, says “The words are immediately memorized by the water and the message absorbed by all cells on drinking. It is recommended to keep this water out on full moon!”

Neelu B shed 16 kilos/7.7 lb doing this and another extraordinary workout with words system that is currently making waves all over the world. I myself have shed pounds!

The combination of turbo charged water and the 10 second workout (That’s right, Its 10 seconds only!) is changing the world of weight release ( There’s a reason why we’re saying Release and not loss, join the call or watch the replay to know why!)

You can too experience this speedster technology with the OG owner herself, Nidhu B Kapoor!

Join us on the Flatter Belly with Words Masterclass on 23rd November 2022 at 6:30pm IST and 7:30am ET.

(P.S. The replay link will be sent to you on signup along with an mp3 to help you in your journey towards a healthier, happier you!)

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