The Extra Large And Easy To Read Rain Gauges For Sale Online Cheaper Than Amazon Or EBay

Aug 3, 2016

Save money on all your garden instruments or pet products through a new e-store with connections to some of the best boutique manufacturers around to provide you with high-quality and durable rain gauges, outdoor thermometers, and much more, extensively tested on their own farm and cheaper than Amazon or eBay.

The popular Home Garden and Pets has announced the launch of a new online store providing a boutique selection of high quality rain gauges, outdoor thermometers and pet products at an affordable cost along with a VIP membership option for special prices and privileges.

More information is available at

The Home Garden and Pets is a small family owned business operating out of Australia with more than 20 years servicing customers worldwide with a useful and handpicked range of garden instruments and pet products from small boutique manufacturers.

The business has announced the launch of its new e-store with a selection of boutique manufactured rain gauges, outdoor thermometers and pet products tested on the family’s farm in Australia and displayed online with user-based demo or evaluation videos by the director, Louise Kropach, along with detailed descriptions, specifications and customer ‘critiques’.

The new Home Garden and Pets online store, tailored to leverage the connection with prominent boutique manufacturers to deliver more affordable products than the larger online retail businesses, also provides a VIP membership option with access to special deals, offers and privileges, available at

More information on the newly announced Home Garden and Pets e-store, its VIP membership option or range of farm tested and boutique manufacturer products at low prices along with client testimonials and a blog featuring advice on pet’s health or how to select the right rain gauge for certain needs or location, and more, can be consulted on the website link provided above.

The director of Home Garden and Pets, Louise Kropach, explains that “our store is for people who enjoy gardening, creating a special home and maybe a little obsessed with the wellbeing of the cats and dogs we share our lives with. We carefully hand pick all our products and extensively test each one on our own small farm in Australia”.

She adds that “we like to support small businesses like ours in Australia and overseas, where the products are made with care and attention. We choose to deal with boutique manufacturers to ensure our clients always purchase superior quality products that will last the distance and can beat the prices on Amazon and eBay”.

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