The Devastating Impact Of Shark Finning On Coral Reefs & Why It Must Be Stopped

Feb 2, 2024

Shark finning is still practiced and poses a serious threat to the environment! In its new article, sustainability experts at Ever Wonder Adventure detail why this barbaric practice needs to go.

A recent study by the Shark Research Institute found that around 100 million sharks are killed yearly for their fins. According to Ever Wonder Adventure, this is 100 million too many! In its new report on shark finning, the sustainability group examines the brutal and barbaric practice and details how detrimental it is to the environment. They also urge governments and regulatory bodies to adopt stricter regulations regarding the activity.

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Sharks: Unfairly Vilified

For many years, unsubstantiated myths about sharks have been perpetuated in the news and entertainment industries. The subsequent fears caused by these myths have led to a relaxed attitude globally when it comes to shark finning and poaching in general.

Compounding the effects that this misrepresentation of sharks in Hollywood films and breaking news stories has on public opinion is a general lack of attention paid to sharks and the issues they face. Programming blocks like "Shark Week" on Discovery have helped a lot in this regard, raising awareness about sharks, but they are still not getting the coverage they deserve, and as a result, activities like sharking finning are able to persist.

“The relentless hunting and killing of sharks for their fins, driven by fears and culinary fancies, showcases shocking cruelty and a blatant disregard for their survival,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “In our new report, we denounce the barbaric practice of shark finning, emphasize the vital role of sharks in ecosystem stability, and urgently implore the adoption of strict laws and regulations to ban shark fin consumption.”

We Need Sharks!

Ever Wonder Adventure argues that shark finning should be banned due to sharks' important role in maintaining ecological balance. Because they are apex predators, their sheer presence helps to regulate the populations of other species, which if left unchecked, could affect the health and diversity of marine habitats.

By allowing shark finning to continue, Ever Wonder Adventure believes that the consequences would be dire. First, the food chain would be seriously disrupted, leading to a proliferation of prey species. This, in turn, would lead to the devastation of the coral reefs, because unprecedented numbers of herbivorous creatures would be feeding on them.

The Need for Decisive Action

"The time has come for decisive action against the consumption of shark fins," said in a statement. "When the eating stops, the barbarity of shark hunting ends. Let us collectively make a stand against the consumption of shark fins, for it is an act of ignorance and cruelty. It is our responsibility to protect these magnificent creatures and preserve marine ecological balance for the sake of our planet's future." 

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