The Decline Of America’s Dairyland Farming: History Of Wisconsin’s Farmer Crisis

May 31, 2024

Farming – once the lifeblood of American commerce – has been in decline for decades. How did this happen? Can it be fixed? Explore these issues with the T.H. Harbinger collection. The Farm Program, American Dairyland, and The Golden Triangle are available now!

Looking for some fresh insight into the changing face of farming and commerce in the US? How did we get here? And what does the future hold?

If you've wondered what has led to the decline of American farming, author, filmmaker, and agricultural commentator T H. Harbinger's trilogy of books are must-reads! Explore the history of America's agrarian traditions and political betrayals with Dairyland, The Farm Program, and The Golden Triangle. More details at

Kindle & Paperback

T H. Harbinger's writing offers a timely review of the state of America's farming industry and a thought-provoking take on the steady decrease of working farms across the nation since 2007. The books are available as Kindle editions or paperbacks via Amazon.

Learning From The Past

Get deep insights into the political and environmental factors that have played into the collapse of the traditional American family farm. Harbinger believes that by understanding the mistakes of the past it's possible for us to build a healthier future for both ourselves and the environment.

If these books sound like they're up your street, you'll also be interested in a series of documentary films, directed by T H. Harbinger, looking at the farming crisis and the impact of ecological issues on agriculture.

Who is T H. Harbinger?

T H. Harbinger is the pseudonym of Jim Lenz – an acclaimed designer and tester for computer-controlled systems on spacecraft, fighter jets, commercial airlines, automobiles, and off-road equipment. He is the author of over 60 technical papers which have become heavily referenced works in the field of electromagnetics. In recent years, Jim has turned his attention to writing and filmmaking, bringing a scientist's eye to the field of agricultural change.

The Farm Program

The Farm Program: The competitor is our friend, the customer is our enemy – originally published in 2020 – looks at the increases in farm subsidies which exceeded $38 billion within the last few years. The book explores how the farming industry has found itself in such a dire predicament, highlighting the culpability of the USDA and major grain companies in discrediting research that might have offered a lifeline and a new model for farming in the US.

A review of the book states, “A must-read to stay informed. This is a very compelling story of our corrupt politicians in Washington and big corporations. It's their collusion that has done more harm than good for the masses.”

America's Dairyland

America's Dairyland is the most recent of Harbinger's releases and uses the Lenz family as a case study for the decline of dairy farming in Wisconsin. The Lenz family's dairy farm was passed down from generation to generation since its inception in 1880, but by the late 1990s, it was no longer able to support the family. This was by no means an isolated case, and the book examines why and how Wisconsin lost 14,000 dairy farms between 1990 and 2006.

These brilliant books take you inside the events and decisions that have shaped the agricultural sector as we know it today. Order your copies now!

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