The Cutest Home-Raised Golden Retriever Puppies Up For Adoption In Western Cape

Oct 17, 2016

Discover the cutest golden retriever puppies entirely reared at home in a caring and family environment, very well socialized to fit right into a new home and currently up for adoption with all the vaccination, ‘dewarming’ and vet checking already done for you.

The Clasarado Golden Retrievers announced the launch of a new website with detailed information on its caring, certified and experienced home breeding and rearing of charming, gentle and well socialised golden retrievers available for adoption. More information is available at The Clasarado Golden Retrievers are highly popular, caring, experienced and KUSA registered golden retriever breeders near Port Elizabeth, South Africa, committed and proud to provide entirely home reared, healthy and well socialised golden retriever dogs and puppies with no kennel breading. The popular golden retriever breeders announced the launch of a new website detailing its caring home breeding process drawing on an attentive and loving environment where the dogs and puppies are raised and taken care of as part of the family to provide clients with the most healthy, gentle, easily trained and well socialised golden retrievers entirely ready to fit in to a new family. The newly launched Clasarado Golden Retrievers website also showcases the range of puppies currently available for adoption already micro-chipped, inoculated, dewormed, vet checked and raised on only Royal Canin puppy food, provided with a health certificate, vaccination booklet, a free puppy blanket and transport to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth surrounding areas in Western and Eastern Cape. Extensive information on the golden retriever’s personality and temperament including the patience with children, obedience, intelligence and charm that make them the classic and most popular family companion is also provided on the newly launched website at the link provided above along with details on their average height or weight and their ideal exercise, activity or space requirements. The Clasarado Golden Retrievers explain that “the golden retriever is the classic family companion. They are lovable, well-mannered, easily trained dogs with a great charm and always patient with children. We have been breeding top quality golden retrievers now for over 6 years and we are proud to say we do not do kennel breading. Our dogs are part of the family, they are our children. All our puppies are home reared with lots of love and attention and fit right in to their new families”.
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