The Coolest And Cheapest Iron On Wholsesale Biker Patches You’ll Find For Motorcycle Jackets

Dec 28, 2016

Discover the amazing biker patches you can easily iron on to your motorcycle jacket or vest with more than 3000 of the coolest designs of skulls, eagles, inspirational and funny sayings or even flags and crosses you’ll ever find at prices you won’t believe.

The popular Biker Patches has announced the launch of a new collection of wholesale patches by Ivamis Trading with a diverse range of funny, inspirational, cool and patriotic biker sayings and designs at very reasonable prices.

Erhan Simavi, founder of said, “Ivamis Trading doesn’t cut corners when it comes to manufacturing proper iron on embroidered patches. Using 100% Rayon Thread designed for Embroidery, Top Quality Twill and Velvet Fabrics and most importantly the Japanese Iron on Glue we use on the backings makes sure that every patch will stay stuck once ironed on properly.

Ivamis Trading patches borders are all Embroidered and Die Cut. We refrain from using merrowed borders which takes away from the quality of the patch making the patches look thicker than they need to be and it also distorts the overall shape of the patch. Some people may argue that the embroidered borders will begin to fray over time. But that’s what gives the patch a character. Serving Bikers for almost 10 years now, we know what our customers want. Bikers want the patch to age over their jackets adding to the authenticity.

Ivamis Trading is coming out with over 150 new patch designs very soon. These include a lot of cute animals and cartoon style designs. Something we were lacking for a long time. We are still coming up with funny and inspirational phrases monthly but we have noticed there needs to be a fine balance between textual patches and graphical ones. People love our saying patches, but they also want to add some colorful designs of Eagles, Skulls or Wolves which we make plenty of.”

More information is available at Wholesale Patches Category: Biker Patches is a highly popular online patch store for bikers and vets with an established reputation for providing the most broad and affordable range of quality embroidered biker, flag, military, funny, ladies, Native American, rocker, skull, wolf or Christian and Police or Firemen patches by its own brand, Ivamis Trading.

The online patch shop comprised of a team of experts which has designed, manufactured and stocked over 2500 different wholesale patches by Ivamis Trading has now announced a new collection of small and large wholesale patches ideal for the bikers or biker/motorcycle retail stores looking for the most funny, inspirational, patriotic, Christian or cool patches and designs at the lowest possible prices.

Its leading wholesale patches collection includes small and large patches with funny, popular and/or inspirational biker sayings, from ‘Loud Pipes Save Lives’ and ‘It’s not the Destination, It’s the ride’ to ‘Biker Grandpa’ or ‘4 Wheels Move the Body, 2 Wheels Move The Soul’, along with multiple unique designs which include biker skulls, eagles, US flags, crosses or wolves and can be easily sewed or ironed on to the motorcycle jacket or vest. Biker Patches team explains that “We take selling patches very seriously. Having catered to bikers and veterans for the last 7 years, we know what our biker and vet customers want. Every month we keep adding lots of new embroidered patch designs to our huge selection of patches. And we are not the middle man. Which means this is the place to get the lowest prices on Ivamis Trading brand patches. doesn’t just sell patches, we actually make it very easy for our vendors to place their reorders. A wholesale buyer doesn’t have to individually find a product on our site to fill up a cart. They can actually upload a file with model numbers and quantities to quickly fill up a cart full of the patches they need. We are developing a new Inventory Management System which will be available to all their wholesale patch customers. The module should be available towards the end of January. It will allow our customers to keep track of their item quantities as well as item locations. One of the biggest challenges of selling patches is finding them in your physical inventory. Number one problem faced by our vendors is If a customer asks for a certain patch and you know you have it but you have no idea exactly where it is. Well we are about to solve that problem for you. We have gone ahead and put barcoded model number stickers on the back of every patch we sell. You’ll soon be able to make better use of those barcodes with our inventory management system. Companies pay thousands of dollars on inventory management systems, we are about to bring it to you all for free. You’ll be able to use our own in house made inventory management system to keep track of your inventory very soon. It’s another reason to pick as your sole patch supplier. Owner Erhan has been developing his own in house inventory tracking system for the past 5 years perfecting the way it needs to work. We don’t just write a program, we are the ones that use it, and we know how to make it efficient to work with. Use us to get your wholesale patches and we’ll be with you all the way helping you sell thousands of designs with ease.”

More information on Biker Patches and its leading range of wholesale patches by Ivamis Trading or its full collection of embroidered sew or iron on patches for bikers or vets can be consulted on the website link provided above along with details on the shop’s end of the year sales and discount promotions or detailed instructions on how to iron on the patches.

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