The Brand EXOUS Bodygear are releasing two more complimentary strength products to their current product portfolio expected in the 2nd quarter of 2017

Mar 31, 2017

Sports & Fitness brand EXOUS Bodygear will release two new strength and fitness products from may 2017. One product will be a new ergonomic barbell bad to protect the neck area and one the other product is a set of synthetic lifting straps to improve grip strength in the gym

EXOUS Bodygear announced today they are to release two new fitness products to the current range. The brand will be focusing on products which strength and power athletes can use during workouts. The First new product due to launch in May 2017 will be a special ergonomic barbell pad designed to protect the neck and shoulders from heavy bar work such as squats which can put tremendous loading on this area. The barbell pad will be made from a durable EVA foam material which will provide protection and help cushion against the force of a fully loaded barbell.

The second product being launched by the brand will be a pair of synthetic lifting straps for weightlifting. The straps are used to improve grip ability again when pulling on a weighted bar or machine apparatus. Common uses would be when attempting heavy dead lifts or heavy pulling exercises such as any form of rowing. The lifting straps can also be used to help individuals improve their upper body weight strength by assisting in chins up and pull ups by wrapping the straps around the bar to improve grip ability. "Our two new product offerings in the strength and gym market will complement our current product line which includes key strength training products such as the EX-277 knee sleeve for squatting and our performance weight lifting belt. Customers were asking for more products that they naturally would buy so we needed to offer it to them. The products make sense for new growth opportunities as a typical consumer who will buy one of the products will most likely need or want one of the others as they are all designed to improve strength inside a workout."

About EXOUS Bodygear EXOUS Bodygear are a sports and fitness brand dedicated to making high-quality functional products that meet the needs of the consumer. The brand ethos is “different by design” making new and exciting products that have been designed to offer more function, features and value to what is in the marketplace already.

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