The Best Way To Prevent Social Engineering And Phishing Attacks In Your Business

Sep 20, 2016

Discover the most effective ‘new school’ ways to ensure leading network security in your business and avoid all those increasingly common social engineering and spear phishing attacks that threaten your company or clients’ data and can cause costly production shut downs.

BBTech Solutions announced an expansion of its network security solutions that are available for businesses of any size, which include consistent, effective, and comprehensive threat awareness training programs. They also provide free threat assessment audits, to avoid costly data breaches or network and production shutdowns.

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BBTech Solutions is a Texas-based IT specialist with over 10 years of experience. They have been providing the DFW Metroplex with a broad range of IT solutions tailored to their client’s industry as well as their specific needs. From private cloud solutions and managed IT services to backup disaster recovery and monitoring network security, they have the ability to simultaneously improve client productivity while reducing liabilities and risks.

BBTech Solutions recently announced an expansion of its network security solutions in order to further protect its clients against the growing threat of social engineering, phishing tactics, ransom-ware attacks, or other network security threats. Their primary focus is to avoid company or client data breaches as well as costly network outages and downtime.

In addition to their WatchGuard Certified Firewall and network protection solutions, the experienced and customer-centric BBTech team has partnered with the world’s most popular integrated platform KnowBe4 to provide its clients with highly effective and comprehensive network security awareness training programs. This is to ensure that their technicians are able to assess and prevent costly threats in a multitude of situations within an efficient amount of time.

BBTech Solutions also uses the KnowBe4 platform to provide their clients with a free non-invasive network threat assessment in order to scan for any security concerns or weaknesses. They also provide insight on how their clients respond to social engineering and e-mail phishing tactics by delivering an easy to read and comprehensive inventory of the client’s current environment. This report includes security issues, user history, vulnerabilities, MS Exchange configurations, SQL Server configurations, and more, along with recommended improvements.

A free BBTech Solutions network threat assessment audit can be requested at 214-210-4415 – along with additional information on their network security awareness training program or their broad range of customized IT solutions and services available for businesses of any size. They will also delightedly provide details on their leading customer-centric service philosophy, which is also available on the website link provided above.

BBTech Solutions explains that “social engineering is the number one security threat to today’s organizations and employees are the weakest link in IT security. The only effective solution to prevent data breaches is a “new school” security awareness training program that instead of ‘banning’ employees from Facebook during working hours, educates them in how to assess threats in a multitude of situations”.

The Richardson, Texas based business adds that “we are also providing a security threat assessment audit as a free service to assess how our client’s organization responds to social engineering threats because we firmly believe that a strong relationship between an IT partner and a client begins with trust and commitment. Our clients trust that we are committed to providing them the best possible services at rates they can afford”.

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