The Best Uplifting DIY Fall Essential Oil Recipe – Cardamom Melt And Pour Soap

Oct 23, 2021

Have the shorter, colder days got you down? Loving Essential Oils presents an easy-as-pie DIY recipe guide for cardamom soap, guaranteed to sing the blues away from you with a calming and refreshing aroma.

Keep reading if you’re looking to find a new hobby, passion, or just a great scent!

The website’s new guide utilizes the melt and pour process, wherein essential oils can be easily added to the base of a soap that is premade and melted down. In the recipe, you are offered creative control in the formation of the soap, which can be set in any soap mold pleasing to you.

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The soap-making method is laid out in 7 basic steps by the guide, with pictures added for clarity. Hyperlinks to product suggestions and other relevant resources are a further feature of the guide, giving you less to think about before you begin this exciting artisanal adventure.

You might find a hands-on, creative process to be an enjoyable and sometimes therapeutic pastime. You wouldn’t be alone! Within this field, soap making is popular for its relative ease and pleasant associations of aroma. Choosing which scent to make soap with is accordingly important, as you wouldn’t wish to sacrifice your time to a project that you may, in the end, feel to be unideal. 

Cardamom is a highly regarded and loved choice of fragrance for a variety of reasons. The benefits of cardamom oil include feelings of focus and mental clarity, calmed nerves, a sense of openness, and an antidote to exhaustion and psychological fatigue. It is thought to hold antidepressant properties, and is thus stylized in the guide as a fall aroma, since you may be experiencing sadness as the seasons change and days become shorter.

The simplicity of the recipe is illustrated by the guide’s modest ingredient list. To create the DIY soap, you will only require 50 drops of cardamom oil, a soap mold, and 1 pound of honey melt and pour soap base. Bottled rubbing alcohol is optional.

Loving Essential Oils is a website and blog dedicated to aromatherapy and essential oils. In addition to many DIY suggestions and informative resources, the website’s shop also offers you downloadable essential oil guides at modest prices.

A 5-star review said: “I love all the diffuser blends and recipes that Jennifer has developed and shared. I am new to aromatherapy and DIY beauty, but am really enjoying experimenting and trying new blends in my diffuser.”

With a warming aroma to promote self-assurance and confidence, cardamom soap is the perfect choice this fall!

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