The Best Turkish Bath Exfoliating Mitt To Use At Home For A Smoother And Healthier Skin

Dec 2, 2016

Discover the best deep exfoliating mitt for a smoother, healthier and more radiant skin which brings the amazing centuries’ old Turkish Bath cleansing method and its extraordinary and proven skin care benefits to your home and at prices you can afford.

The renowned skin care brand MicrodermaMitt announced its unique, natural and dermatologist recommended deep exfoliating mitt for premier face or body skin care and ideal for a smoother, healthier and more radiant skin.

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The MicrodermaMitt is a highly popular brand committed to the ultimate in natural skin care by offering a broad line of unique body and face care products available at select Medi Spas, dermatologists, salons, resorts or bath & body stores and online for those looking for natural, affordable and easy ways to maintain a beautiful and healthy skin at home.

The popular skin care brand has announced its original and all-natural exfoliating mitt inspired by the unique method of deep exfoliation used in the centuries’ old cleansing tradition Turkish Hammam, also known as the Turkish Bath, which goes deeper than traditional exfoliation products with proven results delivering a smoother, silkier, healthier and more radiant skin.

The original exfoliating mitt was developed by the MicrodermaMitt President and Founder, Judy Nural, who used her 30 years of product development, consumer research and marketing background to bring this unique and natural method of deep exfoliation to the U.S. after experiencing its superior skin care benefits and results herself while living in Turkey.

The unique, natural and dermatologist recommended MicrodermaMitt exfoliating mitt is available with a gentle ZitMit texture for acne skin, a slightly thicker Face Mitt texture designed for the sensitive face and décolleté areas and a more abrasive Body mitt, which can all be coupled with different natural and unique olive oil skin care products for a complete Turkish Hammam experience at home.

More information on the unique exfoliating mitt and its proven skin care benefits or the inspiration and development process which included ‘Best New Product’ honors by the Spa Finder Magazine can be consulted on the website link provided above along with details on full the range of skin care solutions provided by the

The MicrodermaMitt explains that “it was while living in Turkey during a "nirvana" Turkish Hammam that our founder Judy Nural first noticed something different about the way her skin looked and felt. After being exfoliated from head to toe and washed with pure olive oil soap, not only did it look like she had shed five pounds of dead skin but her skin was like a baby's skin, so smooth and radiant, she felt young again. That is when she decided to bring this unique method of exfoliation home."

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