The Best St. Augustine, FL Mold Inspection and Air Quality Testing Service With Emergency Response

Jul 29, 2020

Get effective and reliable mold inspection and air quality testing services in Florida with TCB EnviroCorp. They are known for quality service and rapid response.

When mold strikes in your home it’s important to get in touch with an expert fast. If left untreated the problem could get much worse and lead to expensive repairs down the line.

TCB EnviroCorp offers mold inspection and air quality testing services for local residents. This professional and reliable environmental company is licensed throughout the state of Florida.

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Family-owned and run, TCB EnviroCorp has been in operation since 2009. Their senior environmental scientist has over 30 years of experience within the industry.

The environmental experts offer their mold inspection and air quality testing services to both residential and commercial customers. Previous clients include US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville Housing Authority, Flagler College, the Hilton Corporation, the US National Park Service, the US Naval Command and many more.

TCB EnviroCorp’s highly trained technicians provide effective, high-quality service to their clients. Understanding that mold in the home can be dangerous to health, they work efficiently and consider the customer’s concerns in every situation.

Mold in the home occurs due to leaks, flooding, and moisture problems. Mold is a microscopic organism that thrives in walls, ceilings, vents, under carpets and is generally already growing well in moist areas before a resident can even see it. Musty odors, leaky plumbing, missing bathroom grout and inadequate ventilation are some of the signs that mold may be afoot in the home.

Mold spores are spread through the air and can be inhaled by house occupants, potentially leading to mycotoxin build up related illnesses. Warning signs include headaches, fatigue, fever, nausea, lung and sinus infections, joint pain, asthma and much more.

TCB EnviroCorp offers in-home mold analysis services. During the initial inspection, they'll check bathroom ventilation fans, building materials, walls, floors and ceilings for mold.

If mold is detected the damage caused by it will be thoroughly assessed before treatment begins. Excess water and moisture will be removed from affected areas, contaminated areas are sealed off to prevent spread of spores, then affected materials will be removed or treated with microbial solution. The company also employs HEPA Vac treatments to remove latent mold particles.

Those wishing to find out more about TCB EnviroCorp can visit the website on the link provided above. They can also be contacted at: (904) 827-1653.

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