The Best Physical Therapy Clinic For True Pain Rehabilitation In Youngsville, Louisiana

Aug 8, 2016

Discover the best place to rehabilitate or treat any of your neck, back, spine, hip and lower extremity pain or injuries and arthritis or any other musculoskeletal conditions, with personalized hands-on plans developed for your situation and the friendliest staff around, in Youngsville, Louisiana.

The prominent LaBorde Therapy Center announced the opening of a new physical therapy clinic providing its full range of renowned, certified and individualized physical therapy services in Youngsville, Louisiana.

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The LaBorde Therapy Center is an established practice with over 30 years of experience delivering premium physical therapy, occupational therapy and hand therapy to patients in the Lafayette, Morgan City, Broussard and New Iberia communities along with other areas of Louisiana.

The established practice announced the opening of a new clinic in Youngsville, Louisiana, located at the heart of Sugarmill Pond, offering a full range of premier physical therapy services to rehabilitate and treat neck, back, spine, hip and lower extremity pain, injuries or conditions as well as arthritis pain or any other musculoskeletal disorders, and more, with occupational and hand therapy soon to follow.

The broad range of physical therapy services available on the new practice at 120 Waterview Road, Suite 107, Youngsville, LA, 70592, are delivered by a certified and friendly team of professionals, led by the renowned Jaime Mendoza OT, CHT, and Beau Saunier, DPT, with experience providing personalized, innovative and hands-on therapy treatments and techniques for effective rehabilitation combined with friendly patient care and education.

Consultations or more information on the new LaBorde Therapy Center in Youngsville, LA, along with the full range of effective and personalized physical therapy services offered, the staff or the patient care philosophy, and more, can be requested by calling (337) 981-4053 or found on the website (link provided above).

The LaBorde Therapy Center team states that “we are proud to have opened our newest location in Youngsville, right in the heart of Sugarmill Pond. Youngsville is one of the fastest growing cities in Louisiana, and we see this as a great opportunity to help more patients get back to a pain-free life. We hope the convenience of our newest location will encourage those experiencing neck, back, hip, knee or ankle pain in the area to give us call and stop by”.

The popular practice adds that “we are committed to providing the best physical therapy experience with the highest quality of care in an efficient manner. From hands-on techniques that facilitate pain relief and functional recovery to therapeutic exercise and home programs that can help get them back to the things they love to do the most, we pride ourselves on providing our community with the highest quality of care for optimal results”.

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