The Best Glass Containers For Homemade Essential Oils, Aromatherapy And Beauty Products

Apr 3, 2017

Discover the beautiful, safe and earth-friendly 2 Oz reusable glass containers combining high quality and durable dark cobalt blue colored glass with black line screw on lids, perfect to store, gift or sell your homemade beauty and cosmetic or aromatherapy and essential oil products.

The prominent Loving Essential Oils announced its high quality and easy-to-use 2 Oz Blue Glass Jars with secure black lined dome lids ideal to be used as containers for homemade beauty supplies and products like salve, creams, lotions, apothecary or essential oils.

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Loving Essential Oils is a family owned business providing a popular line of high quality, convenient and affordable essential oil containers, supplies and tool kits combined with leading informative resources, recipes and tips to help expand and improve DIY essential oil usage and experiences.

The highly popular essential oils company has now announced its premier and easy to use 2 Oz Blue Glass Jars that combine a thick, durable and high quality dark cobalt blue colored glass to prevent any damage to the contents with a black lined dome screw on lid to prevent the jars from leaking.

The small and durable 2 Oz containers were developed to be used as premier, visually appealing and earth friendly refillable apothecary or cosmetic jars and beauty supply containers to store, sell or gift any homemade DIY products like salve, cream, lotion, essential oil remedies, body butter, sugar scrub or lip balm, and more.

Additional information on the premier Loving Essential Oils Blue Glass Jars, available on Amazon at highly affordable prices with detailed product descriptions, a broad range of customer testimonials and a bonus ‘Basic Homemade Body Cream Recipe Guide’ with essential oil combination recipes for homemade body creams, can be consulted on the website link provided above.

Loving Essential Oils explains that “our durable and refillable blue glass jars are perfect for anyone looking to create facial masks, body cream, salve, essential oil remedies and much more. They also make stunning gifts filled with any homemade products so our clients can proudly and safely distribute their handmade creations to friends, family or potential clients”.

The business adds that “at Loving Essential Oils, we are committed to bringing our clients the most beautiful and suitable tools they need to create natural homemade products for themselves and their family. We offer everything from beautiful blue glass jar sets, roll on bottles, sprayers to complete tool kits that will bring their essential oils to life”.

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