The Best Fairfield CT Dental Care Clinic For A Great Smile And Good Oral Health

Feb 14, 2017

Discover the amazing dental care practice in Fairfield, Connecticut, committed to providing “dental health care” as opposed to just “disease care” to ensure you leave not only with a great smile but also the type of optimum oral health that plays an essential role in maintaining a good overall health.

The popular Brickwalk Dental has announced an expansion of its industry leading family & cosmetic dentistry solutions focused on helping patients across Fairfield, Connecticut maintain the best dental health.

More information is available at

The Brickwalk Dental is an acclaimed family & cosmetic dentistry practice based in Fairfield, Connecticut, drawing on the experience, skill and friendly approach of Dr. Mariana Conant to provide patients with the best dental care solutions for a great smile and optimum dental and overall health.

The dental practice has announced an expansion of its renowned and industry leading range of general and cosmetic dentistry solutions, from porcelain veneers and teeth whitening or dental crowns and implants to the most proactive preventive care and thorough, cutting-edge oral cancer screenings, x-rays or check-ups to help prevent and quickly address any signs of periodontal disease or other oral conditions.

The leading dental care at Brickwalk Dental is delivered by a team of knowledgeable and experienced dentists and hygienists who believe that maintaining a good oral health is an essential component of a good overall health and are therefore committed to providing “dental health care” as opposed to just “disease care” by taking the time to focus on proactive preventive care and patient education.

Free consultations with the Brickwalk Dental and more information on its experienced, compassionate dental care solutions can be requested at 203 692 4405, directly at the dental practice conveniently located on 1305 Post Road, Suite 200, Fairfield, CT, or through the website link provided above along with details on Dr. Mariana Conant, the staff and their unique approach to prevention and good oral health.

The Brickwalk Dental explains that “dental care is critical for optimum health. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, may exacerbate dental issues and an existing heart or respiratory disease may worsen with unaddressed periodontal disease. Maintaining a good dental health is an essential component of overall health and that is why we believe in diligently educating patients, fostering a level of trust that encourages a sharing relationship and skillfully looking for any signs of potential issues while providing our consultations and compassionate care.”

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