The Best Ergonomic Celle Chairs by Herman Miller Ideal For Office Upgrade

Mar 18, 2023

Experience unmatched comfort with this stylish Celle office chair by Herman Miller from Madison Seating (929-300-3435).

The Best Ergonomic Celle Chairs by Herman Miller Ideal For Office Upgrade

Did you know that the average person in the US spends over half of their day sitting down?

If you work in an office, you may be perched on a seat for around 15 hours per day or even more, especially if you commute and flop down on the sofa when you get home!

Sitting without support leads to inactivity and slouching which are leading contributors to back pain and discomfort. It also causes fatigue and lowered energy levels. So, since most of use can’t do away with work itself, it definitely pays to invest in the right sitting furniture to support your posture, keep your spine happy, and your productivity smooth!

Madison Seating’s Celle chairs provide the ultimate ergonomic support for desk workers. Made by Herman Miller, they possess a unique combination of features that support the base of the spine and prevent muscle fatigue.

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Using data from sources including CAESAR, the work chair solution has been made to fit a maximum range of heights and body sizes. Users can adjust the seat height, armrest position, and tilt tension for their needs and comfort.

According to a Spine INA report, between 50 - 80 % of Americans suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lifetime. For office workers, badly designed workspaces and slouched postures are leading contributory factors for this. The report recommends the use of ergonomic chairs to promote postural health and reduce pressure on the spine.

Herman Celle chairs utilize a responsive cellular suspension system that conforms to the user’s body shape and movement. The intelligent mesh surface “supports you with the same kind of buoyancy you’d feel if you could sit on water”, said a Madison Seating representative.

Complementing the cellular suspension’s pliability, Harmonic tilt and PostureFit supports stabilize the natural curve of the lumbar spine. The Celle office chair helps the user to maintain proper spinal alignment even when leaning forward or backward and has been described as a game-changer for the workspace.

Weighing 55 lbs, the Celle is available in black. The company offers standard, hardwood floor, and deep carpet caster options. A fabric seat option can also be provided.

The store’s other chairs by Herman Miller include the Aeron work chair with standard and highly adjustable options. The Mirra chair with a Tri-Flex polymer back support can also be purchased.

Madison Seating provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture from leading brands. The company serves customers throughout the USA from its warehouses on both coasts.

A spokesperson for the company said: “A Celle combines innovative support, great looks, and more comfort than any other work chair in its price range.”

For the best ergonomic chair to upgrade your office game, call Madison Seating today at 929-300-3435!

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