The Best Charlotte Property Inspection Company For Complete Peace Of Mind When Buying A Home

Mar 17, 2017

Discover the best property inspectors in Charlotte, North Carolina for a thorough and reliable home inspection, covering everything from the foundation to the rooftop, to help you keep your family safe, avoid any future costly repairs and make sure you’re not buying a lemon of a home.

The renowned Charlotte Home Inspections has announced an expansion of its thorough, affordable and highly sought after property inspection services available for homeowners and buyers across Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Charlotte Home Inspections is a renowned home inspection company drawing on the years of experience, leading reputation and courteous, friendly service of licensed home inspector, John Burns, to help clients across Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas find peace of mind, keep their family safe and do the best deals when buying, selling or moving into a property.

The company announced an expansion of its popular home inspections delivering the most thorough analysis of the property’s exterior, interior, roofing, attic, A/C, heating, plumbing and electrical or structural components along with the carbon monoxide, leaky gas line, smoke detector, radon and mold testing required to identify any problems that can help avoid future costly repairs or a bad deal.

The popular home inspection services are available six days a week for any type of property, from condos to mansions and new construction to older homes, with minimum disruption to the client’s schedule or home, highly competitive pricing, a courteous and responsive service and the most detailed and easy to understand computer generated reports with digital photos provided the next day. The Charlotte Home Inspections team explains that “When someone is buying a home, we can be their best friend. We can let them know if they’re about to buy a lemon of a house or warn about any potential problems. We’ve helped thousands find peace of mind with our inspections which at best, allow our clients to move into the house confident that it’s in good shape, and at worst, can let them back out of the deal if the house has major, unexpected problems.”

Free estimates or consultations with Charlotte Home Inspections and more information on its uniquely thorough property inspections covering everything from the foundation to the roof top along with John Burn’s experience and proven track record helping thousands find peace of mind and do the best deal or details on its full North Carolina service area are also available at 704-678-5393 or at

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