The Best certified Organic Shea Butter Now Available in 7.0 LB Bulk Tubs, 3.75 oz Low Profile Jars, and 10.5 oz Jar Sizes

Aug 9, 2016

DIY makers of homemade lotions, creams, and moisturizers will all be extremely happy to learn that Perfect Body Harmony™ is now offering their certified organic shea nut butter in a new bulk 7.0 LB tub as well as new 3.75 oz low profile jar size and a new 10.5 oz jar size.

Earlier today, Perfect Body Harmony™ finally announced the much anticipated release of multiple new sizes of their Certified Organic Unrefined Shea Nut Butter which have been in development over the last year. The company is now offering a bulk tub weighing in at 7.0 pounds (LBS), as well as low profile 3.75 oz jars and a new 10.5 oz jar size. The 3.75 low profile jars are also being offered in a multi pack to save consumers money.

Jana Cobb, Co-Founder and President at Perfect Body Harmony™ , says that the company “wanted to give its customers the ultimate results from not only using the highest quality smooth textured premium organic raw shea butter available but also the convenience of buying in the size option they prefer.” Cobb said that the top two request they have had from their customers have been for a smaller jar (so that customers can station jars in various rooms of their homes) and for a large bulk size that can be used in various DIY homemade projects where their customers are using Perfect Body Harmony™ raw organic shea butter as an ingredient.”

Cobb also said that their “unrefined shea nut butter is made in West Africa in the country of Ghana and its stellar online reputation grows everyday.” All of these sizes are available now both at the Perfect Body Harmony™ website and on Amazon. For those interested in visiting their website you can find it here at this link:

Cobb says that occasionally Perfect Body Harmony™ offers promotion coupon discounts. If a special discount is available on their unrefined organic shea butter on Amazon they help interested parties find unique one time use codes, but if none are available then their shea butter items can be found directly on Amazon. Press release urls only last for a short while but as of this writing a direct link to a discount for their organic shea butter on Amazon can be found at this link:

Cobb also said that “Perfect Body Harmony™ likes to do things to connect with their customers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter as well as on their company website. She said the they also plan to use Facebook to release promotions on products.

Perfect Body Harmony’s Facebook page can be found at this link:

Perfect Body Harmony™ has been in business for 3 years, since initially being conceptualized in 2012. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to provide its customers with the best natural and organic skin care and personal care products available. Its certified organic shea butter is one of their top sellers.

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