The Ancient Art Of Zen Gardening In Modern Times: Tips On Water Features

Jun 20, 2024

Finding zen in this fast-paced modern life is not an easy thing to do. Can zen gardens really bring you zen? And do water features help?

Zen Gardening: An Ancient Art

For over 2000 years, the practice of zen gardening has been adored by those seeking tranquility and peace in their lives. Even so, as the ancient traditions and motifs have persisted throughout that time, the practice has also been continuously updated and modernized to fit contemporary tastes.

The most evident change made for the sake of modernization comes as a consequence of modern time constraints. While the original practice was created to encourage thoughtful, slow engagement with the land, the modern lifestyle typically does not allow for that sort of practiced pensiveness. Thus, the modern zen garden - a low-maintenance version of that original vision - was born.

Shaping A Modern Garden

A modern zen garden can take many forms. Either you can adopt those traditional motifs in a modern setting, or you can shape the space according to more contemporary sensibilities. The most important thing is that you are happy with the installation, and that it brings you peace in your everyday life.

A common denominator - and virtual must-have in your garden, regardless of your chosen style - is a water feature to provide a sonic component to the garden, while adding some life and movement as well. Zen Fusion Home recommends several water features that will add both zen and luxury.

Selecting A Water Feature

There are many different water features to choose from - from hyper-modern, abstract art, to traditional Japanese-style installations. Options also range from the compact and space-friendly to the larger, more extravagant installations designed to function as a centerpiece of the space.

Some popular water features include:

  • The Zen 3 bowl fountain - a relatively compact cast concrete fountain ideal for smaller backyard zen gardens. Made of stone, the model comes in a variety of colors like Relic Lava and Relix Tuscan Sun.
  • Zen K2 fountain - which contrasts with the bowl fountain due to its larger size and more modern appearance. This vertical fountain is an ideal centerpiece for modern gardens, though the delicate nature of the piece may turn away some first-time gardeners.

Finding Zen

Before you make the final decision, get a feel for the various styles of zen gardens that are currently popular, and what might be required in terms of budget and ongoing care to ensure the garden remains healthy and beautiful    •whether you wish to keep your garden traditional or explore a modernist take on the practice.

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